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7 scariest characters in the series


Many people are used to associating terror with dark environments, unfamiliar noises, mysterious creatures and other elements. However, the truth is that it often doesn’t take any of that for a production to be truly terrifying.

Who hasn’t been scared of very human characters who have such a high level of evil that it makes any appearance cringe? And although many of them are notable in theaters, as is the case with Alex DeLarge (Clockwork Orange), Jigsaw (Deadly Games) and Jack Torrance (The illuminated), television productions also have their iconic villains.

With that in mind, the My Series prepared a list with the 7 scariest characters in the series. Remembering that the names were not placed in order and that you will surely miss several others, as the list is extensive. So enjoy and try not to feel chills with the names we chose!

Homelander – The Boys

The most hated superhero (or super-villain?) in history causes a mixture of odious sensations every time he appears on screen. Played by Antony Starr, the character has already shown not the least amount of empathy and humanity, being a true psychopath with super strength, the ability to fly and heat vision.

Notable by the series the boys – since he originally appeared in the comics – Homelandar causes fear because the viewer never knows what he can do with people who don’t have the same level of power as him. That is, with each appearance, he generates a little hatred and fear.

Gus Fring – Breaking Bad

The owner of the most famous fried chicken restaurant in Albuquerque is another figure that fits the description at the beginning of the text. Very human, he doesn’t even need claws or sharp teeth to chill even the bravest viewer.

Owner of an international drug trafficking network, Fring is known for his ability to coordinate business with an iron fist and not think twice about eliminating anyone who gets in his way.

Bob – Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks series has become a cult classic in the last two decades and has become a reference for several other audiovisual productions. And one of the most striking aspects of the series was the villain Bob, who is an obsessive evil spirit.

Although the story has been around for some time, we won’t go into details, but Bob ends up committing terrible crimes. In fact, he embeds himself into humans who commit the crimes, which makes him quite scary.

Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Pop culture’s most popular serial killer was brilliantly represented in theaters by actor Anthony Hopkins. For being such a remarkable character, he should definitely get a series of his own, and that’s what happened with Hannibal.

Launched in 2013, the series is starring Mads Mikkelsen, who ends up showing all the insanity of the psychiatrist who eats the flesh of his victims.

Negan – The Walking Dead

The despot of the zombie series has turned into a cult figure and a lot of homage, even if it’s pretty bad. With companion Lucille (a baseball bat with barbed wire), he is responsible for some of the main deaths of The Walking Dead.

Despite later becoming a weakened character with other motivations, in the most villainous phase, Negan becomes quite fearsome, as he is unpredictable.

Dandy Mott – American Horror Story: Freak Show

Adding to the list of characters with psychological deviations, we remember Dandy Mott. The killer has his story told in season 4 of American Horror Storywhere all his past of luxury and pampering show a little bit of why and how he became a despicable human being in adulthood.

Played by Finn Wittrock (in adulthood), the character doesn’t think twice when he needs to kill a victim who opposes him. Mott causes goosebumps because in addition to not liking to have something denied, he thinks he is above everyone, considering himself almost a god.

Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones

The television adaptation of George RR Martin’s books became a milestone in the history of audiovisual mainly because of the good scripts and good political plots. But it wasn’t just these two aspects that made the series stand out, as the violence also caught the public’s attention.

In this regard, one of the most popular characters was Ramsay Bolton. The antagonist made a point of respecting the coat of arms of his house – a flayed man – and made several victims over the course of 3 seasons. Ramsay’s aggression also affected female protagonists, as rapes are also part of the villain’s list of terrifying attitudes.

Ramsay Bolton

Extra: Sauron – The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

The classic evil character from the franchise Lord of the Rings could not be missing from the list. Morgoth’s “student”, considered the greatest villain in the franchise, is one of the incarnations of everything bad in the Arda universe.

Because it was written with a Manichean vision, Lord of the Rings narrates two extreme sides of human nature and contrasts the struggle between absolute good and evil, making its villains represent the rawest cruelty.

And we made Sauron’s reminder to warn that the classic character is present in the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerwhose last episode of season 1 aired this Friday (14).


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