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7 platforms to make the best resumes or resumes

7 platforms to make the best resumes or resumes

The curriculum or CV is the first cover letter when looking for a job. That is why it is important that it does not have misspellings and that it is complete. The latter does not mean that absolutely everything that has been done in life must be included. It is important to make a cut where the most relevant is highlighted, both in relation to training and work experience, for the position that is being applied for.

Once the information to be used has been taken into account, it is known how the content will be structured and the content has been annotated neatly and without errors, then it is time to think about a good design for the CV. To cover this aspect, you can use various platforms that allow you to create neat resumes in a few minutes. and professional looking.

1. Canvas

It is a platform that offers multiple design options, including the ability to create resumes. There are a large number of pre-designed templates and it is also possible to generate one from scratch. It is a very intuitive and easy to use tool. You can add or change photos, font and font as well as background and highlight color. It can be used from the web or downloaded to the mobile (iOS and Android).

2. Do Your Buzz

Once the account is created, the system guides the user step by step so that he completes each section of the document. It offers font, background color, and content layout customizations. It has different advice guides to choose the most appropriate template according to the student’s profile and the objective to be achieved: experienced people looking for a career change, students who want to have a first job, etc. The platform can be accessed from the web.

3.Online CV

The platform has several pre-assembled CV templates. There are options with a photo, without it and also cover letters to attach with the resume. At the bottom of the page you can find useful tips such as what information to include, what type of photo to attach and why you should avoid lying in this type of document. It is accessed from the web

4.CV Maker

It allows you to create a CV in a few steps. There are a variety of templates that can be modified step by step. Like other platforms, it includes useful tips on how to put together a good resume. It can be used from the browser and also download the app from the Chrome web store, if desired.

5. Resume CV Application

This application, available for Android, allows you to generate a CV as well as a cover letter, with or without a photograph, and then save the content in PDF format, for easy sharing. It is also possible to add the logos of previous jobs.

6. Resume Builder

The service offers multiple templates that can be edited to your liking and depending on the objective you are looking to achieve. The system automatically generates content, also allows you to correct spelling and exports the final result in multiple formats. It can be used by entering the page from the browser or downloading the app, which is available for iOS.

7. Resume Manager

This platform, designed for Android by Designveloper, allows you to create your CV step by step to order the content in the best possible way. There is a main information panel to visualize all the data in a simple way. The content is exported in PDF format.

In iOS there is a platform with the same name, and developed by Hung Vo. It is intended for use on iPad. It also allows you to order the content in a few steps and export to PDF to share in a single step.


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