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7 movies you need to watch without reading the synopsis first

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We know that the film is excellent when it manages to stir our feelings – even without expecting much. Furthermore, good films tend to be always available to most viewers, making all age groups able to understand their narrative mechanisms and also immerse themselves in their stories.

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And within that context, have you ever stopped to think about how many movies have you watched recently without having read their synopsis? If you’re not used to it, how about allowing yourself to live a unique experience in front of highly captivating productions? So check out our list of recommendations below!

7. Parasite (2019)

(CJ Entertainment/Playback)Source: CJ Entertainment

Winner of several awards a few years ago, Parasite has become a huge phenomenon precisely for putting his finger on the wound in his narrative and leading the characters through their conflicts in a very curious way.

Filmmaker Bong Joon-ho and his team were very insightful in how they developed this production. That way, just turn on the TV and enjoy everything this movie can offer you.

  • Watch the film on Globoplay.

6. Wild Tales (2014)

(Warner Bros. Pictures/Playback)(Warner Bros. Pictures/Playback)Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Many know Argentina’s fame in football. After all, the national team of this country was able to win the World Cup in 2022. However, if you still do not know the fame of Argentines in the cinema, you need to change this question right now.

A good movie to start an adventure with our brothers is Wild Tales, which features six different stories about revenge, persecution and solving uncomfortable things. A highlight for the story that takes place on the desert road in Argentina.

  • Watch the movie on HBO Max.

5. Nocturnal Animals (2016)

(Universal Pictures/Playback)(Universal Pictures/Playback)Source: Universal Pictures

Still in the wake of revenge, it is possible that it will happen slowly and gradually, even without explicit violence. That was the wish of Tony, an omnipresent character who, one day, decides to write a book based on her own feelings. The first person to read it is his ex-wife Susan (played by Amy Adams).

As the character dives into the novel’s narrative, her perception of her involvement with this man takes on other nuances. And viewers follow everything on those pages visually.

  • Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Amores Perros (2000)

(Nu Vision/Playback)(Nu Vision/Playback)Source: NuVision

Undoubtedly, love is a feeling capable of much brutality. And before you even have a collection of Oscar awards on your shelf, the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu released the first feature film of a trilogy full of great moments.

In Amores Perros, dogs are the motivation of some characters to commit atrocities. From there, an accident unites the three protagonists of the narrative: a passionate boy who wants to run away with his mistreated sister-in-law, a renowned model who loses his best friend and a simple man who wants redemption.

  • Watch the movie on Netflix.

3. Everything and Everywhere at Once (2022)

(A24/Playback)(A24/Playback)Source: A24

Don’t be alarmed if the Daniels’ feature film (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) wins numerous statuettes in the next awards season. it turns out that TEverywhere at the Same Time is the movie of the year 2022, precisely for delivering a unique experience to the public.

By dealing with the issue of the multiverse in a very creative way, the film addresses an ordinary family that has numerous problems, whether financial or emotional. In a profound way, spectators are invited to laugh, cry and applaud everything that is presented to them.

  • The film is available for digital rental.

2. The Menu (2022)

(Searchlight Pictures/Playback)(Searchlight Pictures/Playback)Source: Searchlight Pictures

Can gastronomy be considered an art? For Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), a great admirer of Chef Slowik (played by Ralph Fiennes), the answer is: YES! With sprinkles of terrifying, a healthy dose of sarcasm, a cup of violence and a thin layer of criticism, The Menu Stands Out In Late 2022 As A Surprising Feature Film.

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For this reason, it couldn’t be left out of our list of movies that deserve to be watched even without reading its synopsis beforehand, especially due to all the surprises prepared by filmmaker Mark Mylod, screenwriters Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, in addition to the directors themselves. characters.

  • Watch the movie on HBO Max.

1. Fires (2010)

(Sony Pictures Classics/Playback)(Sony Pictures Classics/Playback)Source: Sony Pictures Classics

To close the list, we invite you to put together a family puzzle. Boldly and creatively, Denis Villeneuvestill developing its feature films in Canada, presents a delicate, deep and historic story.

Based on the play by playwright Wajdi Mouawad, the screenplay was also known under the title of “A Mulher que Canta”, but to know more about it, you will need to give the film a chance and watch it without reading its synopsis. What about?

  • The film is available for digital rental.

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