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7 horror movies based on legends to watch on Friday the 13th

7 horror movies based on legends to watch on Friday the 13th

Watching horror movies on Friday the 13th has become a tradition for many fans of the genre. As it is an emblematic date within horror cinema, it is normal for those interested in terrifying productions to look for new titles in order to increase their catalogues. In this sense, horror films based on legends are a great attraction.

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To contribute a little to the aura around the Friday 13, we separate seven of the best horror movies based on legends for you to watch. Check it out below!

7 – The Curse of La Llorona

Member of the famous franchise conjuringwhich also covers Annabelle and the nun, The Curse of La Llorona, released in 2019, tells the story of a social worker who starts to raise her two children alone after becoming a widow. Strangely, the woman begins to notice similarities between a case she is investigating and the supernatural entity La La Llorona.

The film is based on a Mexican urban legend, which says that after drowning her two children in a local lake, a mother cries forever as she tries to capture other children to replace her own.

6 – Urban Legend

The 1990s brought with it several slasher horror films – a subgenre focused on ruthless killers who pile up victims throughout the narrative. And one of those movies was Urban legendreleased in 1998, which was successful by telling the story of a group of young people who try to unravel a mystery behind several murders.

The work, directed by Jamie Blanks and starring Jared Leto, was based on several different legends to create its plot, such as the killer who waited for his victims in the back seat of the car. A classic worth revisiting!

5 – The Candyman Mystery

Yet another movie from the 1990s makes our list of the best horror movies based on legends. Now it’s time to talk about The Mystery of Candymanfrom 1992. Directed by Bernard Rose, the feature deals with a deadly entity that reappears after being invoked and, from then on, begins to kill without restraint.

The production is based on two famous urban legends. The first is Hookman, as Candyman has a hook in one of his hands. The second would have to do with Bicho-Papão, since he is invoked by having his name repeated several times, just like Candyman.

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4 – The Call

“Seven days”. Just that phrase, alone, is already a guarantee of goosebumps for those who watched it. The Call (The Ring), from 2002. The film starring Naomi Watts shows a bizarre and frightening tape that is capable of causing the death of those who see it, within a period of seven days. The work is also responsible for one of the darkest villains in cinema: the girl Samara. Including, the jumpscare technique is very well explored in the feature.

What many don’t know, however, is that The call was inspired by a Japanese urban legend, called Okiku’s Well (The Well of Okiku, in free translation). The tale involves Himeji Castle, one of Japan’s most visited tourist attractions, where a young servant is said to have been murdered and thrown into the well there.

3 – The Last Prophecy

A half-human, half-moth creature would be responsible for some mysterious deaths. This is the urban legend on which the film The Last Prophecy (The Mothman Prophecies), from 2002, is based on. The real case would have started in West Virginia, from 1966, when people saw a “bird man” that would have chased them. The creature was later called the Mothman by author and ufologist Gray Barker.

In the film, starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, a couple goes in search of the house of their dreams. However, the woman dies after spotting a moth-shaped figure.

2 – The Blair Witch Project

Going back to the 1990s, we have one of the top horror movies based on legends: The Blair Witch. The work is considered one of the greatest classics of horror cinema and was responsible for giving life to the found footage subgenre – when characters from the film itself record scenes with handheld cameras.

The Blair Witch is inspired by the legend of the supposed witch Elly Kedward, who lived in the 18th century. She died in a forest, however, her body was never found. According to reports, several mysterious deaths began to haunt the place.

1 – Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face

Finally, we have the movie. Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face, from 2018. Directed by Sylvain White and starring Joey King, the terror features a group of friends who are obsessed with a tall, faceless figure who wears a suit. The sinister entity then proceeds to pursue and kill them.

The work was inspired by a creepypasta – urban horror legends disseminated on the internet –, which described Slender Man exactly the way he was portrayed in the film. The demon would dwell in forests and groves and would target children and young people.

So, what did you think of the indications of the My Series? Prepare the popcorn and turn on the TV to enjoy these titles based on horror stories that will chase your dreams this Friday the 13th!

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