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7 highest paid actors in movie history

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There are actors and there are movie stars. The latter are rare and, accordingly, expensive. They are those artists who, just by having their name on the poster of a movie or in the publicity trailer, already make the public go to the cinemas just to see them on the big screen.

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As they are one of the main attractions and reasons for the high box office of feature films, nothing fairer than receiving a good payment for it. However, each case is different, different contracts are made with the studios, and some involve millions of dollars.

Next, get to know the 7 highest payments that Hollywood actors have ever received to star in a movie.

7 – Johnny Depp – $68 million

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Before getting involved in all the controversy with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was one of the most disputed actors within the industry. Every studio wanted to work with him, especially after his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean.

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However, it was outside of this film saga that he received his biggest paycheck. For playing the Mad Hatter in the live-action adaptation of Alice in Wonderlandthe actor earned $68 million.

6 – Sandra Bullock in Gravity – $70 million

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The actress has been present since the 90s in several films of different genres in the film industry. However, it was after her Oscar win in 2010, as Best Actress for her role in A possible dream, that the artist’s career took off once and for all.

Since then, she has participated in major films such as Gravity. With this feature, she initially received US$ 20 million. But, in her contract, Bullock had agreed that she would get 15% of the worldwide box office, which came to $723.2 million. That is, the actress received about $ 70 million for her participation.

5 – Robert Downey Jr. in Infinity War – $75 million

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The actor had his life transformed, in the best possible way, after starring in Iron Man, in 2008. Since then, Robert Downey Jr. had become the leader of the Avengers and even Marvel itself. In all, the artist participated in 10 MCU films over 11 years.

downey jr. had his highest payout in Avengers: Infinity War. The actor received an additional bonus for the box office of the films of the group of heroes. The result? In the 2018 film, he earned $75 million.

4 – Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible – $75 million

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One of the biggest heartthrobs of the film industry, Tom Cruise has been in the area since the 80’s. The actor has always been known for starring in several action films, building his career and his name in Hollywood from them. In particular, for the film saga of Mission Impossible.

So it’s no surprise to learn that one of your biggest payouts came in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The receipt of US$ 75 million made the actor appear in the Forbes list of most powerful actors of 2012.

3 – Keanu Reeves in The Matrix – $83 million per film

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Since his career began with the classic matrix, in 1999, Keanu Reeves became one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. His charisma attracts the public to the films he participates in, regardless of which one.

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Although he is the big star of John Wickone of the most successful action franchises today, the actor had his highest pay precisely for the trilogy matrix from the 90s/2000s. Altogether, he earned an average of $83.3 million per film, which brought the actor to a total of $250 million.

2 – Will Smith in MIB – $100 million

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It’s hard to name all the classic roles in Will Smith’s career. The actor has one of the most solid resumes in Hollywood. Even with the Oscar 2022 controversy, he remains very dear to fans and his professional colleagues.

But if there’s a character that stands out in the artist’s great career, that character is Agent J in the franchise. MIB men in Black. And it was for his last participation in the saga that Smith received the largest amount of money. In MIB: Men in Black IIIthe actor received $ 100 million.

1 – Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick – $100 million

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Yep, Tom Cruise is on the list again. His last big hit, Top Gun: Maverick initially earned just $13 million for the actor. However, the huge box office gross of US$ 1.4 billion and all sales of physical media, such as DVDs, and online of the film, made the actor receive more than US$ 100 million.

So, did you imagine that these were the highest paid actors in history so far?

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