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7 habits to overcome cell phone addiction

Cell phone addiction. (photo: RPP)

If any reader considers that he might have a addiction to the use of smartphone, one of the reasons is because the technology It is increasingly present in people’s lives. And it is that today people are surrounded by devices connected to the network and it has become difficult to live without them. This is seen especially with cell phones.


Today it is unthinkable for many people to leave home without it, sometimes this even produces a feeling of anxiety, stomach pain, tachycardia, among other feelings. A cell phone accompanies a person to work, when he goes to have a drink with friends, if he has to go shopping, at lunch and dinner and even in the bathroom.

But, Has the TechMarkup reader ever wondered if he is addicted to the cell phone? Here are some of the features are:


– The cell phone must always be close to one.

– He looks at himself constantly.


– You look at your cell phone as soon as you wake up and also when you go to bed.

– The battery does not last even a day.

– You take your cell phone with you everywhere.

– The person feels that the cell phone is constantly shaking in his pocket.

– You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with your phone.

– Tasks are delayed because one is with the cell phone.

If someone who has read these features makes you anxious just thinking about running out of your cell phone, the bad news is that you could have Nomophobia: irrational fear of leaving home without a cell phone.

Therefore, below are some habits that can be done to overcome this cell phone addiction.

Cell phone addiction. (photo: ABC)
Cell phone addiction. (photo: ABC)

Habits to overcome cell phone addiction

1. Put the cell phone in ‘Airplane Mode’ or ‘Do not disturb’

A very good way to disconnect even if you carry your cell phone with you is to put it on ‘Airplane mode’. In this way you will not receive any calls or messages, in addition to saving a lot of battery. This can be a good trick for a person to get used to carrying the cell phone with you but not constantly looking at it when not hearing the arrival of any notification.

Another option is to put the cell phone in mode ‘Do not disturb’. With this configuration, notifications and calls will not arrive either, but if you take out the phone to look at it, everything that has arrived will appear. In addition, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode can be programmed and decide the time in which you want to activate it.

Airplane mode. (photo: BoletoViajero)
Airplane mode. (photo: BoletoViajero)

2. Turn off cell phone notifications

Another very effective possibility is to disable cell phone notifications. In this way, it will be possible to choose which notifications the user wants to receive and which ones do not, in order to save many of them.

They can be chosen so that only the calls arrive and WhatsApp but no notification of the different social networks. In this way, only what is important will be attended to and not waste hours and hours on these platforms. To change the notification settings you have to:

– In iOS: gonna ‘settings’‘Notifications’ → Here you must enter application by application and gradually deactivate.

– In Android: gonna ‘settings’‘Notifications’ → Where you can read ‘All’ you simply have to deactivate them.

3. The cell phone, the farther the better

If the reader is a person who needs to look at the cell phone every two seconds even though no notification has arrived, the best thing to do is not to carry it with you. Advice: you have to leave it at home, in the car, in the desk drawer, give it to someone to keep it, and more options. Mind you, it will take a lot of willpower to do this.

It is known that at first it will be very hard, but after a few hours you will be able to see how you feel more relaxed because you do not have to be on the phone all the time and the feeling of anxiety will disappear.

Cell phone addiction. (photo: Betty)
Cell phone addiction. (photo: Betty)

4. Do not use the cell phone during meals

It is very common to eat looking at the cell phone. Be aware of him every two or three to see if one receives a call, a message from WhatsApp either Instagramcomments on Facebook or more. This behavior, in addition to not enjoying the food, is a lack of respect towards the other people with whom the table is shared.

So, you have to put it aside. You will discover that you can enjoy a good time with family, friends, and even your partner. To avoid looking at the phone while eating or dining, you have to put it on silent and leave it away from you, so the person in question will be safe from notifications.

5. Delete useless apps

It is very normal that the phone is filled with useless applications that only waste one’s time. So now you have to take your cell phone and delete them. You just have to keep only those that are really used and useful for something.

Useless mobile apps. (photo: ComputerHoy)
Useless mobile apps. (photo: ComputerHoy)

6. Mute WhatsApp groups

It is known that any user of this proprietary messaging app of Goal has many; from work, college friends, and everyone loves to be in the know, but groups have also been known to become overwhelming.

Surely you have one in which they spend talking 24 hours a day, every day. And if it is more than one, more are the problems. Now you just have to silence these groups and you can feel that you start to relax instantly.

7. Have self-control

Habits cannot be changed from one day to the next, so it will take all your willpower and a lot of self-control to stop depending on the cell phone and start using it responsibly. But if one seriously proposes it, it can be achieved.

Have self-control with the cell phone. (photo: Legal Today)
Have self-control with the cell phone. (photo: Legal Today)

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