7 great ‘hidden’ dramas on Netflix

There is no denying that, in recent times, Asian television productions have invaded our country. It can even be said that the streaming platforms were some of those responsible for popularizing this type of content.

Despite this great public interest and the prominence that some Korean, Japanese and even Thai series have in Brazil, there are more productions than we can watch. In addition, the algorithm ends up hiding some titles that could instantly captivate us.

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Thinking about it, the My Series selected a list of dramas that, for some reason, may have gone unnoticed in the addition of the Netflix catalog. Check out the directions below!

7. Extracurricular

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Merging police suspense with a story that takes place at school, in this drama viewers are introduced to a student named Oh Ji-soo (played by actor Kim Dong-hee) who leads a double life.

While in front of colleagues and teachers he proves to be quite introverted, but very intelligent and studious, outside the institution, he acts in a criminal scheme, which can be put at risk after the discovery of one of the students in his class.

6. Love Storm

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

With only seven episodes, the drama love storm is set in Taiwan. Originally released in 2016, the plot features three brothers with different personalities who are surprised by the news that their parents are separating.

And while their parents already have new romantic partners, even creating several confusions due to their children’s obsession and jealousy, the three are increasingly frustrated with their respective love lives.

5. Good Night, Again

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Being considered a road drama precisely because of the trajectory that the protagonist travels in the twenty episodes of the series, in Good Night Again (A Thousand Good Nights, in English) audiences meet Dai Tian-qing (Cindy Lien) when she decides to fulfill her late father’s last dream.

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To do so, the character travels through the interior of Taiwan in search of her roots and, along the way, discovers countless deep questions about herself.

4. Dear My Friends

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Starring a mostly elderly cast, the plot of this drama is focused on a group of friends who have experienced many emotions in their lives. However, they still have countless desires to fulfill and, for that, they unite in the intention of rediscovering themselves before it’s too late.

The cast includes the participation of veteran and established actors in South Korea, such as Go Hyun-jung, Kim Hye-ja, Youn Yuh-jung, Park Won-sook, Na Moon Hee, Sung Dong-il, Lee Kwang-soo and Jo In-Sung.

3. My Dear Warrior

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

If you like fantasy plots mixed with a very fun romantic comedy, you need to give this movie a chance. My Dear Warriorwhich has 20 episodes and was originally released in 2019. The Thai drama addresses the life of astronomer Sky (played by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), who takes care of her aunt with Alzheimer’s.

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Before suffering from the disease, however, she wrote several books and comics, including one of Sky’s favorites. And one day, when she finds one of her aunt’s sketches, in which Hoshi (Oab Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang), her favorite character, is the protagonist, something magical happens.

2. Innocence: Bangkok Love Stories

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

And here we have another drama set in Thailand. With thirteen episodes and featuring very different characters, the production takes place in Bangkok, the capital of the country in question, showing the daily life of several people who just want to love.

Within this context, it is possible to find a drag queen who runs a small restaurant, a young homosexual full of dreams, a teenager who likes to practice parkour and live great adventures, an aspiring model without many career opportunities, among many other types.

1. Forever Camellia

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Finally, it is necessary to talk about a South Korean drama that many people haven’t watched yet, but that deserves the attention of all fans of the genre, mainly because of its captivating characters and an enchanting plot. Forever Camellia is presented in 20 episodes, dealing with very relevant and debatable themes in our society.

Dongbaek (played by Gong Hyo-jin) has always had a hard life. For starters, she was raised without the presence of her parents, who died when she was still a child. After she grew up, the character only had troubled relationships, including becoming pregnant and raising her child alone.

In the small town where she lives, after a while, she meets the police officer Yongsik (Kang Ha-neul), with whom she wants to live a great love, despite all the mean comments made around her figure.

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