7 facts you didn’t know about Hamtaro

Aired in the early 2000s, Hamtaro is one of the most beloved anime characters among fans of the genre, along with Goku and Pikachu. The little hamster was responsible for introducing a new generation of people to the universe of Japanese drawings.

More than 15 years after the airing of its last episode, A lot of people are still obsessed with the little hamsterswho gathered to share stories about their adventures.

We embarked on this nostalgia and decided to remember the anime bringing some of the curiosities that surround the universe of hamtaro🇧🇷 Check out!

1. Turma do Clubeinho had 15 hamsters

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One of the most fun aspects of the anime was its characters. Although there were several little animals, the Turma do Clubinho – the group that got together to share their stories – was made up of 15 hamsters.

In addition to the character that gives the anime its name, the group made up: Fofuxo, Chefe, Bijou, Aurélio, Mauricinho, Penelope, Touquinha, Soninho, Panda, Jingle, Pashmina, Tureco, Jojô and João.

Each of them had their own personality, which helped to increase the charisma of the production with the public🇧🇷 Tell us, which was your favorite?

two. hamtaro had 12 seasons

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Despite the short time on the air, considering the period between the airing of the first episode and the last one, Hamtaro has won an impressive 12 seasons.

The first version with an English dub would come three years after the original, when the anime was already in its fourth season in Japan.

Outside Brazil, especially in Asian and Oceania countries, where the anime was very successful, it is common to find DVD boxes with the seasons of the cartoon.

3. The anime won three Game Boy games

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when we say that hamtaro it was a very successful anime, you need to understand the dimension of that adoration. In the following year of its debut, the anime won a video game, developed by Nintendo for the Game Boy.

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!in addition to presenting the same universe as the Japanese cartoon, put the player in the role of gathering the group of hamsters and returning them to the clubhouse, while collecting the missing words in the Hamchat dictionary.

Developed for children, O game also managed to attract the older audience🇧🇷 A year later, Nintendo released another title based on the cartoon. It was a success!

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak The challenge was to save the hamsters’ relationship from the villain Spat, an evil hamster who hates friendship and love relationships.

With such appeal to the fans, in 2003 it was launched Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescuein which the characters need to collect colors so that a prince named Bo can use his umbrella to make rainbows.

4. The show had 296 episodes in total

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Over 7 years, the little hamster anime has amassed fans and episodes. There were 296 episodes divided into 12 seasons, an impressive number.

The production managed to maintain an average number of episodes per season. Most of them have 26 episodes. The exceptions are season 4, with 27 episodes, seasons 5, 6, 8 and 10, with 25 episodes each, and season 12 and final, which had only 13 episodes.

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The anime’s debut was with the episode of the same name of the series, in which we meet the protagonist along with Laura and her dog Brandy, who were moving to a new house.

In the final chapter, “Happy Ham-Ham Wedding”, a wedding leaves the group of hamsters happy, while good news from other characters arrives, leaving the series finale with a sense of completion.

5. The hamsters won 4 OVAs

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Anyone who follows anime often is familiar with the term OVA. It stands for “Original Video Animation”.

It’s nothing more than specific animations with longer duration, whose story isn’t big enough for a full seasonwhile being longer than a regular episode.

hamtaro won throughout its existence 4 OVAs: “3000 Hammy Steps in Search of Mommy”, “Ham-Hams Ahoy!”, “Rainbow Rescue” and “Ham-Ham Games”. They were released, respectively, in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

The last one, by the way, was created to tie in with Nintendo’s campaign for a new game the company wanted to release. It was also a tribute to the Athens Olympics.

6. The public also won 4 films

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The trajectory of the hamster that appeared in a manga in 1997 has also reached theaters. The beloved anime character has had four film adaptations: Adventures in Ham-Ham Land🇧🇷 the captive princess🇧🇷 Miracle in Aurora Valley and Hamtaro and the Demon of the Picture Book Tower🇧🇷

All titles were released towards the end of the year, as a kind of Christmas gift for fans. About 50 minutes long, the films were released in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

7. hamtaro came out of children’s books

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If you’re a fan of the little hamsters anime, you should pay tribute to Ritsuko Kawai. She was the mangaka (Japanese equivalent of a comic artist) responsible for creating the drawings.

Originally, its characters made up a series of children’s storybooks, first published in 1997.

Due to the success, Kawai sold the rights to a Japanese production company, who turned her books into a blockbuster anime in the 2000s.

In interviews, the comic artist always emphasized the mottos that she believed represented her creation: non-violence, teamwork, cooperation and sharing🇧🇷

Did you like the trivia? Enjoy and send this list to your anime fan friends. And don’t forget, here at My Series you’ll find other articles about anime that might interest you. See you next time!

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