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7 Dragon Ball Z technologies we want in the real world

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For 23 years, the world of Dragon Ball Z and their characters have been conquering a large number of fans. The fantasy world, full of characters with unusual powers, is a great attraction for anyone who likes this animation genre.

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Although the anime has many elements that don’t exist in real life, some of them would suit today’s world very well. In addition to special powers and transformations, there are technologies featured in the series that would make a huge difference to society.

Therefore, below, get to know some of the technologies of Dragon Ball Z that would make all the difference if they existed in the real world.

7 – Healing Machine

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

This machine is capable of healing the life of someone on the brink of death. It works through a liquid that accelerates the process of muscle tissue regeneration, which heals different types of wounds.

Also known as the Healing Tank, the machine can even put together limbs that were separated on occasion, such as when Frieza was torn to pieces. cure.

After all, having a way to perform treatments for basically all types of injuries, from the mildest to the most severe, would save the lives of millions of people around the world.

6 – Scouter

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

Scouters are a kind of monocle that allows the user to perform different activities, such as communicating with other people using the device or finding a certain location.

The information is presented on the device’s lens, so that the user has easy access to the necessary information, having it right in front of his vision. With a vibe reminiscent of augmented and mixed reality devices, the device is the dream of consumption for large technology companies.

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In real life, Google has already tried to create a device like this: launched in 2014, Google Glass emerged as an augmented reality tool, in which it would be possible to make video calls, take pictures and send instant messages. The project turned out to be a failure and the product line was phased out.

Now companies like Microsoft and Apple are investing more and more in the mixed reality sector. The owner of iPhones supposedly wants to launch such a product to be as popular as smartphones in the future.

5 – Cyborgs

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

in the world of Dragon Ball, cyborgs are humans and aliens who have part of their body integrated with robotic parts. In the series, some examples are Android 16 and Android 17, which play an important role in the anime’s history.

In real life, a parallel that can be drawn is people who have an amputated limb and replace it with a robotic prosthesis. Currently, more advanced prostheses perfectly replace the natural limb, allowing the patient to live a fully functional and healthy life.

However, nothing compares to the technological advances seen in the anime. Companies like Neuralink, however, are investing heavily to create a bridge between people and machines.

4 – Androids and robots

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

The androids and robots of Dragon Ball are completely made of robotic parts, created from scratch. Even though they are fully technological, they still possess an advanced, almost human-like personality.

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In today’s world, several models of robots are created every day, but there are still considerable limitations in their operation. Currently, the popularity of Artificial Intelligence is a great advance in the technological field, for example, but we can still see solutions like ChatGPT making basic mistakes.

It is likely that, over time, there will be a junction between the most advanced AI and robotic bodies built in the laboratory. After all, the artificial intelligence segment is gaining a lot of attention lately, with big companies like Google and Microsoft injecting millions into the development of the sector.

3 – Flying cars

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

In the anime, one of the cars most used by the characters is the flying car. Its biggest advantage is its high speed, especially when compared to ordinary four-wheel cars.

In the real world, several attempts to create a flying car have already been made, with large companies investing in the technology. Want an example? In 2024, the American company Doroni Aerospace promises to launch the first flying car model, which can be used by anyone.

The Brazilian Embraer is also one of the companies involved in the development of products in this mobility sector. In 2021, the company presented a concept of an electric flying car made in Brazil — check it out here.

2 – Spaceships

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

Also known as Space Capsules, these small, round ships are used to move around the universe. They are mainly used by the Galactic Frieza Army and the Saiyans.

Humans have already created different ships with different objectives throughout their history. The most famous is, of course, Apollo 11, which took man to the moon in 1969. However, none of the existing solutions are as compact and fast as the technology used by Vegeta and other characters.

Currently, several companies, such as NASA and SpaceX, have as their next goal to reach the red planet, Mars. But sooner, in 2024, we will possibly see a spacecraft in action during the next manned mission to the Moon.

1 – Capsules

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

Hoi-Poi pods are designed to hold absolutely anything from vehicles to large homes. This is probably the hardest technology to replicate in real life, but also the one that would make the most difference.

So far, there is no kind of metal or fabric that fits a motorcycle in an 8 cm capsule, as is the case in the anime. The usefulness of the object would be of great value in society.

After all, the various shopping bags at the supermarket would be much easier to carry, for example. Throwing expectations high, it would be possible to keep the car in your pocket, without worrying about parking, or take a complete residence anywhere, all encapsulated.

While some of Dragon Ball’s “magic” is far from reality, you can relive it by watching the anime, which is available on services like HBO Max and Crunchyroll.

So, which of these technologies would you most like to see in the real world?

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