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7 Brazilian movies that deserve a sequel

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Brazilian cinema has an arsenal of great productions that have even marked the public in different ways over the years. Among undisputed classics, it is possible to mention important works such as The Promise Payer (1962), God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun (1964), sea ​​of ​​roses (1977), Pixote: The Law of the Weakest (1980), They Don’t Wear Black Tie (1988), Central do Brasil (1998) and city ​​god (2002).

Through them, thousands of viewers found themselves represented in engaging plots inserted in different genres and experiments. In this sense, as well as in Hollywood, there are national films that, with their success, can awaken interest in sequels.

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This is the recent case, for example, of O Auto da Compadecida, by filmmaker Guel Arraes, who announced a sequel to the feature more than twenty years after its original release. In this way, how about checking a list of other productions that could yield incredible sequels?

7. Beetle (2009)

(Buena Vista International/Reproduction)Source: Buena Vista International

To begin with, it is necessary to talk about a film that is little discussed within the national context, but which has great popular appeal and a very interesting story. Beetle was released in 2009, telling the saga of Manoel Henrique Pereira, better known as Besouro Mangangá, one of the greatest capoeiristas of all time, responsible for heroic acts.

Thus, the feature film directed by João Daniel Tikhomiroff, brought a playful and fantasy tone to certain issues of Besouro’s life, betting on consistent visual effects and breathtaking fight sequences, with daring choreography.

By addressing other periods in the life of the main character (played by actor Ailton Carmo), a sequel could be created. However, despite the quality, the film was not so successful at the box office.

6. two rabbits (2012)

(Image Movies/Playback)(Image Movies/Playback)Source: Imagem Filmes

Despite being heavily criticized for the Hollywood nuances present in the language used in this film, filmmaker Afonso Poyart won over a large part of the public with two rabbitsmainly due to an agile narrative, full of action and powerful visual effects.

The cast, made up of Fernando Alves Pinto, Alessandra Negrini, Caco Ciocler, Marat Descartes and even rapper Thaíde, could certainly return for a sequel. After all, there is a lot of artistic potential involved in this very contagious work.

5. Basic Sanitation, the Movie (2007)

(Columbia Pictures/Playback)(Columbia Pictures/Playback)Source: Columbia Pictures

In this classic of Brazilian comedies, the issue of edge cinema is brilliantly portrayed by Jorge Furtado and his team. While the residents of the fictional Linha Cristal suffer from the lack of sanitation in the region, a group of young artists decides to make a film to denounce the appalling conditions faced by the population, considering that there are resources stopped for this purpose in the city hall.

Somehow, the 2007 feature film brought to light several criticisms of Brazilian bureaucracies, also addressing a new model of cinema. Undoubtedly, it could yield a very daring sequel, once again using good humor as an engine.

4. Stomach (2007)

(Downtown Films/Playback)(Downtown Films/Playback)Source: Downtown Filmes

Leaving the Rio-São Paulo axis, the next title on the list had practically all of its scenes filmed in Curitiba. In the plot, João Miguel plays the migrant Raimundo Nonato, who comes from another region of Brazil to try his luck in the big city. From there, he starts working as a cook in a famous bar, where he gets involved with people of all kinds, including the prostitute Iria (Fabíula Nascimento).

the narrative of Stomach it has farcical elements, something that directly contributes to viewers being intrigued by all of its sequels and interested in what comes next. After about 15 years of the original feature, the story should win a sequel called Estômago 2 – The Powerful Chef, focused on haute cuisine, which is already being filmed. Now it remains to wait for more news.

3. The clown (2011)

(Image Movies/Playback)(Image Movies/Playback)Source: Imagem Filmes

Counting on the direction and protagonism of Selton Mello, The clown brought up a great dilemma for the screen: is it possible to be happy doing the same thing forever and ever? With this simple question, the character Benjamin embarks on a journey of self-discovery by thinking that perhaps he could not be a circus clown.

In the midst of unusual encounters with established figures of Brazilian comedy, with its simplicity, the feature film could yield a sequel in which other characters and stories could be explored from the same theme.

two. Good Manners (2017)

(Imovision/Playback)(Imovision/Playback)Source: Imovision

The duo formed by Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra has already made their name in Brazilian cinema as some of the most engaged filmmakers in recent times with so-called genre films. In their experiments, they have already produced several terrifying feature films, such as Good Mannersreleased in 2017.

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Initially telling the story of Ana (Marjorie Estiano), a pregnant woman who is looking for a nanny to take care of her child, Clara’s (Isabél Zuaa) life intersects directly with that woman’s. Gradually, it becomes evident that there is something very strange about the creature generated by Ana.

And despite having a very conclusive ending to Clara’s story, there are some creative possibilities that would yield an equally interesting sequel in cinema.

1. nightjar (2019)

(Vitrine Filmes/Reproduction)(Vitrine Filmes/Reproduction)Source: Vitrine Filmes

Finally, it is necessary to talk about a film that became a huge phenomenon during the time of its release. As a large part of the public watched the feature film by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Julio Dorneles, they commented on social networks about the dramatic epic proposed by the filmmaker as something not to be missed.

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Set in the northeast in the near future, viewers learn more about a small town known as Bacurau that, on a given day, simply disappears from the map. And from a sequence of mysterious murders in the region, the population decides to unite in its own way to exterminate once and for all an enemy that still doesn’t know exactly who it is.

With this engaging plot, it would not be difficult to visualize a possible continuation for the film, right? Therefore, if you liked the content, stay tuned here at TecMundo to find out more news about Brazilian cinema!

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