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7 applications for Easter

Applications can also be allies during Easter. Below is a tour of some platforms that offer everything from information on catechism or guided prayer accompaniment and even a game to review the most important data related to this Catholic holiday.


1. The Holy Stations of the Cross with audio

The Holy Way of the Cross with audio has the stations that Jesus went throughs during his journey from when he was taken prisoner until his resurrection. Contains reflections for each season. Other benefits include the ability to mark or underline text as well as add footnotes. In turn, it is possible to change the size of the font to facilitate reading. It is available for iOS and Android.


2. The daily mass

Daily Mass, available for iOS and Android, allows believers to enjoy a daily mass from their mobile. It includes the liturgical texts for all the Eucharistic celebrations of the Spanish missal, both those of a general scope and those of each diocese and those of the main towns. It also provides commentary on biblical texts that will facilitate the preparation of homilies or personal meditation.


3. Guild Quiz

It is a playful application that allows, through questions and answers, to review what is known about Holy Week. There are general questions about this holiday as well as others well located in the festivities that take place in Seville. It allows you to take a tour of history, curiosities and images. All from the game. Includes over 820 questions with images, audio playback, details, and fun facts. It is available on Android.

4. Easter


The application analyzes the meaning of Holy Week, and It takes a tour of the stations of Jesus’ Way of the Cross, the Last Supper and the Resurrection. There is a timeline to see how each of the events that are remembered on this date unfolded.

There are also songs, images and a section with relevant vocabulary as well as questions and answers to review everything learned.

5. Catechism

Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Bible is an app by Oleg Shukalovich designed for the iPad. The catechism is the text that presents an organic and synthetic exposition of the essential and fundamental contents of the Christian doctrine on both faith and morals.

In the case of the Catholic Church, its catechisms are mainly based on the Tradition of the Church interpreted in the light of the Second Vatican Council. There is a version promulgated on October 11, 1992 by John Paul II and the Compendium, promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI on June 28, 2005, which is a synthesis of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It contains all the essential and fundamental elements of the faith of the Church.

In the case of Android, there is another application where you can also find the catechism. It is a platform developed by Igor App, and includes all the texts mentioned above, grouped around different aspects. There is a table with the contents to more easily navigate through the information.

6. Holy Bible

This application, available for iOS and Android, includes several biblical versions, has self-guidance and it is possible to create prayers. It has customization options, such as the ability to highlight content with colors; share verses with friends through social networks or message; and generate images from the content.

7. The Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary, available for Android and developed by Marcello Pietrelli, automatically select day mysteries with different illustrations that accompany the prayer. In the application there are also the fundamental Christian prayers.

In the case of iOS, you can find a version of the Holy Rosary, developed by MoviliXA, which allows you to perform prayers with a fully guided step-by-step interface or by following voice commands, if desired.


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