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6 tips for content creators to grow on social networks

Now the entrepreneurs they are also digital, because thanks to the platforms that allow monetization, artists, comedians and more have the opportunity to create content that generates profits. Because the competition is vast on the Internet, here are six tips to stand out.


This April 11 was World Entrepreneur Day. According to Findstack, there are about 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide.

Technology has given people the opportunity to venture into new job options as content creators, among others. Whether they are videos, podcasts, or anything else, entrepreneurs must take into account six essential factors to grow your project. In accordance with kuwaishort video social network, the points to consider are the following:

1.- Do not lose sight of the public


Although it is important that the creator makes content on a subject that he or she is passionate about, You should never lose sight of your followers or potential visitors.

You must analyze the characteristics of your customers, so that you can build a great speech and use the right language and tone.

2.- Have a goal


Not everything is fun, so creators must have a goal when communicating. It is not recommended to just post for the sake of it, since the followers could lose interest; if they follow you, it is probably because of the topic you handle, not to see random posts.

In that sense, there must be a clear objective about what you want to communicatewhat do you want to sell, what benefits are there, if you want to show results, among other things that give meaning to the account.

3.- Value content

Electronic devices give everyone the opportunity to take photos and videos, so when they follow someone they look for that person to follow them. contribute something. Don’t overlook creating content that makes people feel good.

4.- Connect with the audience


Another important point is create a connection with followers outside of the product or service being offered to them. “Share your brand philosophy and promise of value in your content (from the caption to the post itself), in this way you will be able to humanize your project and demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors,” recommends Kwai.

5.- Add testimonials

To create a trust bond with clients, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to include testimonials real in its content. This will be a turning point for a new person encouraged to make a purchase decision. The opinion of a third party will provide confidence and peace of mind about a product or service.

6.- Do not forget the importance of metrics

Although it may seem boring, it is important for the creator to keep an eye on the metrics so that they can know what the followers like the most, the best publication times and things to improve for the next creations.

Kwai’s advice is for all creators, no matter what topics they tackle or where they do it, since the main objective is that do not forget that to grow you need people and for this reason, it must work to provide new content that they like without losing their personal essence, which could be the main reason that makes them return, subscribe or make donations.


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