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6 premieres to see during the weekend

6 premieres to see during the weekend
The award-winning sitcom "Hacks" has begun its second season.  (HBOMax)
The award-winning sitcom “Hacks” has begun its second season. (HBOMax)

This week has brought new and good titles to the different streaming platforms. In addition to harsh documentaries, such as Our Father (Netflix) Y Justice for Malik Oussekine (Star+) or the first season of one piece (hbo max), the anime based on the iconic manga by Eiichiro Oda, many series and movies await you to spend a good Saturday or Sunday alone or with your favorite company. Even on Sunday the 15th a long-awaited premiere arrives. We offer a small selection of titles for you to choose from. Romance, true crimefantasy, comedy, catastrophe cinema: there is everything for you to choose from.

The time traveler’s wife (The Time Traveler’s Wife) – HBOMax (Sunday May 15)


Henry DeTamble suffers from a genetic alteration that causes him to travel through time in unforeseen ways. Claire Abshire is the great love of his life, or perhaps it should be said of all the lives that she unfolds at different times. “We ran into each other by chance,” says Clare. “In the wrong order.”

This erratic romance is based on the best seller The time traveler’s wifeof the American audrey niffeneggerwhich had already been made into a film in 2009 as I love you foreverwith Eric Bana Y Rachel McAdams. Now Steven Moffat (Sherlock) adapted the novel as a limited series and David Nutter (Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers) directed it.


Theo James Y Rose Leslie They play Henry and Claire, who try to live their love while facing an adversary as powerful as time. He disappears from time to time and is exposed to danger — he appears on a railway, as a train approaches, or in front of a group of policemen in full armed pursuit — or he meets her out of the order of his life: on a trip, for example, he meets her when she was still a child.

The Lincoln Lawyer – Netflix


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars in this new series based on the successful saga of novels by Michael Connelly, who is also an executive producer. The Mexican plays Mickey Haller, an idealist who practices law from the back seat of his car—Lincoln, hence the title—and thus presents a collection of criminal cases.

The 10 episodes of the first season tell the events that are narrated in Connelly’s second book with this iconoclastic character: The Brass Verdict. The script was written by David E Kelleyknown for Big Little Lieswho also does the production.

In recent times, García-Rulfo has become one of the most sought-after Latino actors in Hollywood: he worked with Ryan Reynolds (6 Underground), Benicio, the bull (Sicario: Day of the Soldier), Denzel Washington (The Magnificent Seven), Tom Hanks (greyhound) Y Penelope Cruz (Murder on the Orient Express). With the interpretation of Mickey Haller he takes another important step in his career.

The Crusade (The Quest) -Disney+

Real competition in a fantasy world: that’s the new genre explored by eight teenagers, who call themselves The Paladins, in this limited series. The filmmakers behind The Lord of the Rings conceived this epic adventure in which the boys leave reality to enter Everealm, a kingdom with its castle, its royalty and a collection of mystical creatures, as well as a sorceress who will prove to be an antagonist. of care.

Their mission is a series of crusades that, if successful, will allow them to save the kingdom and help fulfill an ancient prophecy. Otherwise, Everealm will succumb to evil.

With an original aesthetic, this adventure that combines reality TV with fantasy fiction stars Emily Gateley, Braeden de la Garza, Racquel Jean-Louis, Elliott Ross, Harry Aspinwall, Mel Mehrabian, Kerwin Thompson and Nandi Chapman. Its producers include Jane Fleming, Mark Ordesky, Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster, Michael Williams and Rob Eric.

HacksSeason 2 – HBO Max

This series that won Emmy awards in the categories of Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Direction returns with Jean Smart in the role of Deborah Vance, a comedian who fell short of her aspiring career and ended up with a sideshow in Las Vegas, and Hannah Eibinderthe young screenwriter Ava who, although she couldn’t be more opposite, has to write her routines.

After an almost catastrophic start, the two women reached a deal that, although it does not amount to friendship, at least allows them a peaceful coexistence in which humor alternates with confessions. In this second season, Deborah goes on tour and takes her screenwriter with her, but her journey will put their relationship to the test.

They return, along with Smart and Einbinder, Christopher McDonald, Kaitlin Olson, Paul W. Downs, Poppy Liu, Rose Abdoo, Mark Indelicato, Meg Stalter, Angela E. Gibbs, Luenell, Johnny Sibilly, Joe Mande, Ally Maki Y Lorenza Izzo. and join the cast Martha Kelly (euphoria), Laurie Metcalf (Ladybird) Y Ming Na Wen (The Mandalorian).

42 days in the dark – Netflix

This limited series, the first to be made in Chile for the platform, fictionalizes a real case: the disappearance of Viviana Haeger in Puerto Varas in 2010. Aline Kuppenheim plays Verónica Montes, a woman who mysteriously disappears from her home. Claudia Di Girolamo it is her sister Cecilia, who undertakes a desperate search, which soon turns into a terrible nightmare.

Fable, the company of Juan de Dios Larrain Y Paul Larrainwas in charge of the production of this series based on You Know Who: Notes on the Murder of Viviana Haegerbook of Rodrigo Fluxa. Under the direction of Claudia Huaiquimilla Y Gaspar Antillo act too Gloria Münchmeyer, Pablo Macaya, Daniel Alcaíno, Amparo Noguera, Nestor Cantillana, Claudio Arrendondo Y Julia Lubert.

Haeger’s daughters, Vivian and Susan, complained about the making of this series that deals with one of the most controversial cases in recent Chilean history. Haeger’s decomposed corpse appeared in the attic of her house 42 days after her husband, engineer Jaime Anguita, reported her disappearance. After a two-year detention, Anguita was exonerated for lack of evidence. His former employee José Pérez Mancilla was the only one who was arrested, after confessing to having committed the murder on behalf of Anguita.

doll facesecond season – Star+

In this second season, with which this youth comedy ends, Jules (Kat Dennings) faces a moment of great symbolic impact: he turns 30. At first he leaves his twenties with disappointment; but she, along with her group of friends, will discover that her definitive entry into adulthood is also an opportunity to walk her own path with more security and freedom.

With a message of female empowerment, this series created by the writer and producer Jordan Weiss reunite to Brenda Song (Hotel sweet hotel) like Madison, Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) like Stella and Esther Povitsky like Izzy.

Also the first season is available on the platform, so you can now see the full story.

moon fall -Prime Video

A few months after its theatrical release, the long-awaited new film by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla) came to streaming. With his usual combination of catastrophe cinema, action and science fiction, the director considers what would happen if the Moon were pushed out of its orbit by a mysterious force.

In 2021 something went wrong on a mission that Jocinda Fowler (Halle Berryoscar for Monster’s Ball) and Brian Harper (patrick wilson, the night of the devil) performed to repair a satellite. Fowler was knocked unconscious as soon as the attack from what looked like a myriad of nanobots began; she and Harper were the only two survivors.

In 2032, the mysterious entity that attacked them from the void manifests itself again. Every mobile phone on Earth receives an alert: the Moon has moved out of its orbit and in a few weeks it will hit the planet. With humanity on the brink of annihilation, Fowler has an idea to save the planet. But only the disgraced Harper and the sympathetic conspiracy theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley, game of Thrones) are willing to pay attention to you.

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