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6 Movies That Could Beat Avatar: The Way to Water’s Record

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avatar, more than ever, has become a synonym for success at the box office. The two films in the franchise won great records and leave the question: what film could be able to unseat them on the list of productions with the highest revenue in history?

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We have prepared a list of our bets for the coming years. From animation to superhero movies, Whoever beats Avatar: The Path of Water at the box office can celebrate a lot.

6. Frozen 3

(Source: Disney/Disclosure)Source: Disney

The announcement of a new film by frozen surprised everyone. The second film managed a surprising performance, having been released amid the peak of covid-19, a factor that influenced a low financial return for several productions.

However, the sequel grossed 1.45 billion dollars around the world, enshrining itself as the 13th most watched film in history. With an in-depth story, the third film could climb even higher and surpass the records of Avatar: The Way of Water.

5. Avengers: Kang Dynasty

(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)Source: Marvel

The film is scheduled to premiere in May 2025 and will be the first time that the avengers will be reunited since 2019, at the launch of Avengers: Endgame.

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However, now there’s no longer the nostalgic appeal of superheroes like Iron Man and Black Widow. New members are being introduced to strengthen the Marvel Cinematic Universe and capture fan enthusiasm.

Some films are expected to be released by then, such as Fantastic Four, Blade It is captain Americabut none of them should be able to top the box office of Avatar 2. The meeting of the new heroes, however, underpins this potential.

4. Avengers: Secret Wars

(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)Source: Marvel

In 2026, Avengers: Secret Wars It is Avatar 4 hit theaters, two strong competitors that can top the box office of The Way of the Water.

secret wars will be released after kang dynasty and relies heavily on its predecessor to win over audiences. Depending on the story and the open points for the continuation, the film has great potential, as well as Ultimatumto gain prominence in the cinema.

3. Avatar 3

(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)Source: 20th

James Cameron is proof that only he can beat his own records. The director owns three of the four highest-return films in history — Avatar, Titanic It is Avatar 2 — so the sequel is expected to bring in even bigger box office.

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Furthermore, the fact that it is a direct continuation of The Way of the Water will bring even more viewers to the movie, considering people want to know more about the universe and what happened after the end of the second movie.

It is worth remembering that the sequel was released more than 13 years after the first film and still broke records around the world.

2. Avatar 4

(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)Source: 20th

According to James Cameron, there are three more films by avatar to be launched in the coming years. That is, the closer you get to the conclusion of the story, the more records will be broken in the history of cinema.

Avatar 4 will prepare the whole world for the last film in the franchise, and it will certainly be a landmark. After all, people will want to know what the hook is for the last film, what kinds of conflicts will be left open for the sequel, and what to expect from the conclusion.

1. Avatar 5

(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Studios/Disclosure)Source: 20th

Following the logic, it is obvious that the last film of the franchise avatar He has high expectations for everyone.

If the first film remains the most watched production in the history of cinema, even though it was released in 2009, what will be built throughout the next films — volumes 3 and 4 — will create an even greater legion of fans than already exists. .

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For the sake of comparison, it is worth citing the example of Avengers: Endgame, which brought an important ending to some of Marvel’s most beloved characters. The film entered the top 3 of most viewed productions due to the feeling of connection that was cultivated over the years. Therefore, people wanted to know what the end of that story would be, just as they also wanted to understand what would happen from there.

With such a rich and dense universe, in addition to what will still be built by James Cameron over the next few years, Avatar 5 already creates high expectations from now on.

So, do you think any of these movies can break the record for Avatar: The Way of Water?

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