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6 apps to edit photos taken at Easter

The flow of traffic and the smiles on the children’s faces indicate two things: Easter is coming and some lucky people will enjoy the holidays of Holy Week.

That’s why for all those lucky ones, TechMarkup has decided to establish a series of Applications so that the photos you take are very easy to edit.

Whether the destination is the city itself or a beach getaway, these photo editing apps can help users enhance photos and share them on social networks. social media. Here is the list of apps to edit photos like a pro:


This application has become very popular due to its easy use, as its success is due more to its ability to provide editors with simple and modern photo editing options.

It is a good option for users of iPhone either Android they have their own style and they know how they want to show it in their photos.

Adobe Lightroom

This app is a classic that never goes out of style as it is one of the most popular editors for mobile and desktop versions and its goal is to easily edit photos.

It can play with the shadows, lighting or saturation of the images, and also have access to more specialized tools in RAW format.

iOS and Android offers it from a free version to a paid version.

YouCam Perfect

Regardless of the user’s skill level as a photographer or image editor, this free photo app allows edit photos and create collages, among many other creative functions.

Photos can be edited on iPhone or Android with a variety of effects, animations, mixes or frames.


This is an editor that seeks to put an end to what normal photography applications do, as it provides visual effects by creating images in a kaleidoscope, break apart photos, create ripples of images, and even distort them to take on a completely different look.

It also has 3d effects with which you can interpolate the photos you take, in addition to the effects you would expect from an application of this type, since you can perform basic functions such as adjust brightness, hue, and saturation.

This app is free and can be found in both app store like in the Google Play Store.


Although this photo editor is a bit More professional, only basic photography knowledge is needed to use it. Those who want to work with different formats and delicate and complex editing have their ideal application here.

includes almost 30 tools and filters. Allows precise editing as brushes can be used selectively. Perspective corrections or portrait retouching can be done very accurately, however, these types of tools can be complicated to use for most novice users.

Like the apps that have been recommended above, The app is available in the Apple and Android stores.


What would a vacation be like without a sticker to remember? In this era where almost any image can be turned into shareable content, by being able to make a gesture, stickers or stickers They are an original way of remembering moments.

You just have to import the image from which you want to remove the sticker or take the photo and draw an outline around the part of the image you want to use.

Then you have to create a minimum of three stickers to be able to export it to WhatsApp, but doing so is as easy as pressing the option at the top of the screen.

At the moment, This app is only available on Android.


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