5 tricks to protect your Android from Malware.


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Android gives full permission to Its users to install third-party apps from outside the play store. Downloading the APK files from unknown sources and giving them all permissions also increase the risk of malware. We have compiled 5 instructions for the user to protect your Android from Malware.

Use common sense and follow the instructions to stay protected.

Don’t install the APK app:

Android allows its users to install the apps in APK from outside the app store. But we recommend the android users install the APK only when they know its source. Most of us have seen a web page inviting us to install an app. Don’t trust such web pages and always raise a question in your mind about why they are requesting us to download that app?

Few repositories are considered safe to download APKs. The most highlighted in all of them is APK Mirror. If your APK application downloaded from an unknown website doesn’t meet Google’s controls requirement, then you should be distrustful with that app. So only install the apps from the app store.

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Take Google notices seriously:

Google Play Protect is warning us from dangerous and malicious apps for a long. Many thanks to Google for such services. We suggest you not install such apps about which Google says, It’s dangerous. Flubot is malware and Google Play Protect easily recognizes it. But still, Google play allows you to install Flubot infected app, which is strange. If Google play warns you about the problem in the app, quickly uninstall it to protect your Android from Malware.

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Don’t give them Permissions easily:

You have already learned not to install any app on your android phone. The second important thing is the issue of permissions. Ask a question yourself. If an App is legitimate then why an app is asking for too many permissions from me?

We should deny it in the case of FedEx. A so-called messaging app asking for permission to control your whole mobile which is not acceptable. We have seen many games asking for access to your mobile gallery, feel free to deny. Never allow any third person to access your phone by allowing permissions to any random app to protect your Android from Malware.



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Do you really need that App:

We usually install the app for one-time use. But one must think that he could have done the same thing from Google for which he downloaded the app. Lesser the un-necessary apps, the better it is for your mobile’s memory and its safety.

Install fewer apps on your mobile to make it safe from malware. Flubot is harmful to banking applications and is able to fetch our personal and banking information from your mobile.

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Just install the Apps from the Google App store:

Expert users usually can install the apps from anywhere. But we recommend you just use the Google apps store to install the apps. If you don’t know the source of any file, run away from it. It will help you to stay protected from malware. The user himself can become anti-malware if it follows all the steps and protects your Android from Malware.


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