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5 tips to get the most out of Discord

5 tips to get the most out of Discord

Discord is one of the most used communication applications in the gamer world. It is free, and not only allows you to chat or talk, but it is possible to create communities, add bots and you can get a lot of use out of it once you learn how to use it.

1. Find servers or create one

The first step to start using Discord is looking for servers to join. Each of them works as a different IRC (a real-time communication protocol) that has its own members, administrators and channels. In addition, these communities have their own operating rules. To find available servers you can browse pages like Discord.org, Discord.me, and Discordservers.com.

The other option is to create your own server. For that you have to go to the column that appears on the left where you can see the servers to which you are connected and pPress the plus sign (+) and go to the Create server option.

2. Set security parameters

As in any other account, it is convenient to establish certain criteria to take care of security and privacy. So it is recommended to use a strong password and set up second factor authentication. For that you must enter the nut icon, from the browser, or press on the profile image, from the mobile, and go to the My account option or My Account. From there you can also manage blocked users.

From the Privacy and security section in the configuration menu, the user can also establish who can add or write to him directly.

3. Set channels for voice communication only

It is possible to configure the channel so that the communication is only for voice, and not for writing. In this way, users will only communicate by speaking and not by text, something that can be very useful if used as a means of communication during games.

If this option is chosen, then a speaker icon will appear next to the channel name. It should be remembered that Discord also allows video calls, with which it is possible to add this option. In fact, thanks to this option that adds an interesting layer to virtual interaction, it was also used in different work environments as well as for users who made remote radio programs.

4. Use bots

The platform allows you to add bots, as is the case on Telegram, for example. These systems allow you to automate and thus optimize many functions within the channels. To search for bots you can enter pages like Discord Bot List or Bots on Discord. Once the desired bot has been selected, it is added via a link to the server.

5. Show what is being played

Discord allows to show in the profile what game is being played. For that it is necessary to activate the Activity Status option within the User Settings. In this way, the system will automatically display the title that is being played. In case this is not reflected automatically, then you have to press where it says “add” and the name of the game in question is added.

Another interesting point of Discord is that it allows you to connect the service with other accounts on Twitch, Facebook, Spotify, etc. To activate this option, you must also enter User Settings and go to the Connections option. A window will then open asking the user to authorize Discord to access the data it needs for those linked accounts to work.


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