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5 MCU mysteries that still need answers

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Marvel kicked off Phase 5 of the MCU with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and is already preparing the heroes for a new threat. Kang’s arrival paves the way for the next Avengers films, in 2025 and 2026, but a lot of water must roll until the heroes’ big meeting.

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Currently, the MCU still has several questions to answer about mysteries that surround this universe, including some that have been unanswered since 2017, and it looks like they will remain untouched for a long time. Thinking about it, the My Series separated the main mysteries that fans want to know within the Marvel Universe.

Who bought Avengers Tower?

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Very important in Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the famous Avengers Tower was sold by Tony Stark during the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, in 2017, and until now, nobody knows who bought the place.

But why would a Tower be so important? In the comics, one of the most valuable headquarters is the Baxter Building, the “home” of the Fantastic Four. That is, this is the main fan rumor since Disney acquired Fox, recovering the right to these characters.

Unfortunately, the Fantastic Four movie won’t hit theaters until 2026, and it should take a while for that to be confirmed, if it’s real. However, there are strong theories that, at some point, Reed Richards would appear in a post-credits scene to provide the cliffhanger for the team’s solo film.

Where are the X-Men?

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In 2017, when Disney bought Fox, fans’ main dream was for the X-Men to finally return to the House of Ideas. Years later, Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed that a mutant movie was in development, but that it would still take a few years for the material to hit the big screen.

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However, the MCU has established that mutants already exist in this universe. In the series of Ms. Marvelone of the episodes confirms that Kamala Khan has mutated genes. In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Namor’s origin story is explained, revealing that the antagonist is one of the first beings to contain mutated genes on the planet.

With this, Marvel gives scope to start building its X-Men universe, but there is still no news about the most famous characters, such as Wolwerine, Jean Gray and Magneto. In Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, Patrick Stewart once again portrays the legendary Professor Xavier in an alternate universe, hinting that this super-powered mutant also exists in Marvel’s regular reality.

The Rings of Shang-Chi

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Shang-Chi’s solo film features the 10 Rings belonging to the powerful Wenwu, his father and villain in the feature. However, the film does not clarify the origin of these elements, causing many to believe that Kang himself owned these weapons.

In the post-credits scene, Captain Marvel, Wong and Bruce Banner are seen analyzing the artifact, and discover that a signal is being sent, but no one knows exactly where or to whom. The heroes still rule out the possibility that it is Chitauri technology, from Kamar-Taj, or made of vibranium.

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In the comics, the objects are created by a race of aliens called the Makluan, which are in the form of gigantic dragons, as well as the being that appears at the end of the film. It could be that Marvel takes the easy way out and adapts this explanation, or tries something more daring, connecting this technology with something already existing within the MCU.

Where has Captain Marvel been?

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At the end of Captain Marvel, the protagonist leaves for space during the 90s, and only reappears on Earth decades later to help the Avengers in the battle against Thanos. In the meantime, many fans wonder what the heroine was up to.

The most likely theory is that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) acted as a sort of protector of the Skrull race, as well as patrolling the universe against threats. But almost every time the character is seen, she needs to leave quickly, as she is called to solve some problem, raising many questions about what exactly this character is always doing.

It is likely that The Marvels will explain more about Danvers’ past and finally continue this cosmic arc, which has been somewhat abandoned within Marvel in recent years.

The Celestial on Earth

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The Celestials are super powerful beings, considered the creators of life. The characters had already been quickly introduced in previous Phases of Marvel, but it was only in Eternals that these colossal creatures were deepened and gained a more significant importance within the universe.

In Eternals, the group led by Sersi (Gemma Chan) discovers that they have been on Earth for millennia with the sole purpose of evolving that planet to awaken the Celestial Tiamut. However, the heroes change their minds and manage to stop the giant’s rise, causing part of his head and hands to become petrified on Earth.

After the release of Eternals, no other production has tackled the petrified Celestial, opening the subject up to numerous fan theories. The most popular is that the US government would study the being, and extract the ores that make up the matter of its body, generating the adamantiumcomponent responsible for Wolverine’s indestructible skeleton.

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The Marvel Universe almost always manages to close the loose ends of its movies well, and it’s a matter of time before fans have answers to some of these mysterious questions. It is possible that many of these topics will be answered by Avengers: Secret Wars, in 2026, and until then we can only make theories and more theories.

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