5 Best mobile apps for iOS and Android 2021.

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Just as we review the best mobile games every year, we also decided to compile the best mobile apps on iOS and Android. Today, smartphones without apps are worthless.

If you have a smartphone, you need some basic apps to watch movies, sync files, track sleep patterns, catch up reading, etc. We have collected the best and most useful mobile apps available on the Google Play Store.


Remini, one of the best mobile apps of 2021, was released last year. It allows you to improve the quality of old photos, blurred photos, or pixelated photos. This app works on Artificial Intelligence and with a few seconds of processing, you can get the required results (happens in most cases). This is a free mobile app and you can get it from App Store and Play Store.


If you want to turn yourself into cartoon, ToonMe app is for you. You can make multiple styles of cartoons from your photo. What many people like: It can create a pack of 12 WhatsApp stickers based on your portrait and integrate them into WhatsApp.

How to turn yourself into cartoon, ToonMe app, cartoon face android app


Capcut is one of the best video editing apps for iOS and Android. This app was created by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. CapCut aims to edit high resolution short videos, even 4K HDR. A large number of transitions and effects are included in the app, suitable for editing and text. You can also make videos from photos in this app.

Video editing apps, best video editing apps for android

Pluto TV

If you are looking for best and free movie streaming apps, Pluto TV is for you. You don’t need to create an account to watch the live channels and your favourite content. Everything is free in exchange of Ads. This mobile app is popular in 33 million users worldwide, it has finally launched in Spain in 2021.

Pluto Tv, movie streaming apps for android

Club House

Earlier this year, the popularity of this audio-room based social network increased like a wildfire. Although its reputation has indeed declined in last few weeks, which coincides with its launch on Android. Although new applications continue to emerge, Clubhouse has successfully become one of the most useful mobile apps recently launched.


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