5 Best Free Fire Max characters with the best value for money in the Battle Royale

Free Fire MAX has many characters to choose from and use. Some cost a lot of diamonds, but others are relatively cheap. Getting value for money is the main goal for players and as such knowing which characters to buy and which ones to focus on is important.
While there are many characters who are powerful in specific situations, some stand out for every occasion. In the hands of expert players, they can be unstoppable in combat.


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FREE FIRE | Chrono

Despite numerous nerfs, Chrono remains the main character of Free Fire MAX. His ability to “Turn Time” is unmatched in battle. Although Xayne could easily break his shield using his ability, it is unlikely to happen in most matches.

At max level, his force field absorbs 600 damage, increases movement speed by 10% when inside the dome, and has a 220 second cooldown.

Chrono | Free Fire character
Chrono | Free Fire character

FREE FIRE | Dj alok

DJ Alok has been a fan favorite ever since the game was introduced to him. His “Drop the Beat” ability has become an irreplaceable ability for Free Fire MAX players who enjoy running towards opponents.

At max level, his skill increases running speed by 15%. It also restores 5 HP per second for 10 seconds and has a 45 second cooldown.

DJ Alok | Free Fire character

DJ Alok | Free Fire character


FREE FIRE | Dimitri

Dimitri has replaced DJ Alok in certain situations. With increased healing abilities, this character is the perfect support class. His “Healing Heartbeat” is ideal for pitched battles and allows the team to stay in the fight longer.


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At max level, his ability creates a 3.5-meter healing zone, within which teammates recover 3 HP per second. When they are knocked down, they can bounce back to get back up. It lasts a total of 15 seconds and has a cooldown period of 60 seconds.
Dimitri | Free Fire character

Dimitri | Free Fire character


Maro is a great character for players who enjoy sniping. His “Falcon Fervor” ability increases damage dealt to opponents based on distance. At max level, damage is increased by up to 25% and damage to marked enemies is increased by 3.5%.
Maro | Free Fire character

Maro | Free Fire character


D-bee is one of the perfect Free Fire Max characters for beginners. His passive ability “Bullet Beats” will greatly help newcomers to find their balance. At max level, the skill increases movement speed by 15% and accuracy by 35%.
D-Bee | Free Fire character

D-Bee | Free Fire characteristic


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