5 best Free apps to make videos with photos on Android phone

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Do you want to make the original video by merging multiple photos? If the photo collage is not enough for you and you want to upload your work to Instagram Stories or TikTok. We have compiled the best Android applications so you can make videos with photos. You can even add music to your own work.

Photos are very useful and can make you immortal, but nothing can express everything you remember more than a video. Although, why not combine two multimedia elements? That’s it: you can make a video containing photos directly on your Android mobile device and with the help of some apps. We have chosen the best for you.

The Popular: Google Photos

Of course, you have already installed the Google photos, free video editing app. So why not use it? With photos, you not only have elaborate galleries and backup tools, but also a photo and video editor, Google Photos allows you to create original collages, and depending on the needs of this article, you can also make videos for photos.

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To use the Google Photos app, you need to open the application and perform the following steps:

  • Click on the tab at the bottom of “Search”.
  • Go to the “Creation” slot and select “Movies”.
  • Select “Movie” and click “Create Movie”.
  • Choose a predefined theme or choose “New Movie” to create it from scratch.
  • Select the photos you want to add to your video. You can add a maximum of 50 photos in your video (you can also put videos).
  • Click “Create” and Google Photos will create a video with all the photos you have added to it. You can manually choose the photo or you can choose to merge the music with the note icon.
  • After clicking “Save”, your video will go to the movie collection. You can share it from there, download it, and even post it on platforms like Instagram.

The free and the best: GoPro Quik

We really like this video-making app because it is free and has no advertising. Its developer is GoPro, a famous sports camera brand. However, you don’t need to own one of their products, or even sign up for GoPro – Quik lets you take photos and videos using just Android.


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After downloading GoPro Quik, the free video editing app, click the bottom icon in the gallery and go to the top “Phone” tab. Select the desired photos and videos, click the bottom icon on the clapperboard, and then edit the clips as needed. You can apply themes, introductions, music, effects, clips …, and then save the results and export them to your phone: a video where you already have a photo.

The professional: Adobe Premiere Rush

Having the last name “Premier” has shown that Adobe paid special attention to the video application, not in vain, almost getting almost professional shots on Android phones. Of course, it has several drawbacks: Adobe Premiere Rush requires a subscription (10 euros per month, or subscription to the Adobe plan, which requires a free trial), it is not valid for all phones (they must be powerful), and it can be too complete for that we look for homework.

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If you decide to give Adobe Premiere Rush a try, you can make videos from photos in the gallery: just choose them in the “Photos” or “Photos and videos” section. Choose what you want, name the video and use “Create” to edit it. Here you can select effects, rearrange photos, and even add sounds or music by pressing `+`. When done, click the share icon at the top and export the video.

Your Android Apps:

Usually, there is no reason to download applications to perform tasks, because your own Android gives you a solution with its customization layer. Not all of these layers allow you to create videos from photos, but most do.

Samsung One UI (Built-in).

Samsung Gallery allows you to create a video: simply select the desired image, click “Create” in the menu and finally click “Video”. The gallery will organize a movie for you in a few seconds.

Huawei EMUI (Built-in).

Like Samsung, through the Huawei (and Honor) gallery, you just need to select the content, click the menu, and create a video (light bulb at the bottom) to turn the photo into a video. The result is quite good.

Xiaomi MIUI (Built-in).

My Xiaomi Mobile Gallery (and a bit more) provides tools for creating video clips – just select the photo you want, click the “creative” icon, and then select “clip”. MIUI allows you to edit video extensions, apply themes, and even play music.

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