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5 best anime for beginner otakus, according to Michael B. Jordan

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In addition to being a movie star, in front of and behind the camera, Michael B. Jordan is also an anime fan and appreciates a good story. During the recordings of Creed IIIseveral Japanese productions helped him make the film better, as they teach a lot about action and character development.

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In the new franchise film, Creed faces an old friend from the past, in a plot that can be related to several animes. With that, the feature film is filled with references to the anime that were part of the life of the actor and director of the feature.

During an interview, Michael B. Jordan made a list recommending some anime that he considers ideal for those who are entering this universe of entertainment. Check below the indications of the star of Creed 3, learn more details about each anime and see where to watch each one currently.

5. One Piece

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

one piece scares some people by the number of episodes released – which already exceeds the thousand mark – but those who start watching can’t stop. The anime is very engaging and manages to develop each character in depth, making the audience able to identify with the difficulties faced by each one of them.

Where to watch: Netflix or HBO Max

4. Dragonball

(Source: TXN/Disclosure)(Source: TXN/Disclosure)Source: TXN

Dragon Ball is a lesson for any screenwriter who wants to work with action scenes. The anime shows fluid battles, impressive moves and motivations that really make sense. It’s not just punches and kicks, but a story of tension that builds with each episode.

Where to watch: Globoplay, Crunchyroll, HBO Max or Prime Video

3. Naruto

(Source: TV Tokyo/Disclosure)(Source: TV Tokyo/Disclosure)Source: TV Tokyo

To talk about unforgettable teams, it’s impossible not to talk about naruto. The anime conquers for the unique mythology and for the characters so special that, when they are together, they awaken the best in each one.

Where to watch: Crunchyroll or Netflix

2. bleach

(Source: TV Tokyo/Disclosure)(Source: TV Tokyo/Disclosure)Source: Tv Tokyo

Speaking of a unique mythology, bleach is also a perfect example of this. At first, the specifics of the story may seem complex, but the anime teaches that we shouldn’t underestimate our audience. The focus is to give the necessary details for the moment and, little by little, show how the story is bigger than everyone believed.

Where to watch: Star+

1. Hunter x Hunter

(Source: Crunchyroll/Disclosure)(Source: Crunchyroll/Disclosure)Source: Crunchy

The best word to define Hunter X Hunter it’s progression. From the first episode, when we meet Gon and his dream, we are urged to find out what his path will be to get there.

Throughout the episodes, with the secondary stories of Killua, Kurapika and Hisoka, for example, everything gains even more depth. Hunter x Hunter is considered the ideal anime for anyone who wants to watch a quality work and Michael B. Jordan’s recommendation couldn’t be better.

Where to watch: Crunchyroll or Netflix

So, did you like the directions? Creed III can currently be watched in theaters. Check out more details about the expected arrival of the feature on streaming. The other films in the franchise, including Rocky, can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

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