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Top 5 best android apps for 2021: If you don’t know these downloads, you’re missing out!

It’s the weekend and you’re on the sofa on the phone? Then please make yourself happy and buy a few new apps. In the following, I have selected the 5 best android apps for you that you can download for Android.

Once a week I would like to do something good for all Tech Markup readers! Because every Sunday I put together the best 5 android apps from a week so that you can sweeten your day. Of course, I make sure that there are no data traps or that the apps are full of in-app purchases.

Smart cursor

Smart Cursor is an app for Android that brings you better or barrier-free operation into your mobile phone. It is somewhat reminiscent of the principle of “reachability cursors” abandoned by Google and Samsung in OneUI.

The idea is that you can navigate with a mouse pointer over the surface of your cell phone to make it easier to use your cell phone with one hand. You can define an area at the bottom of the screen from which you move the cursor and trigger a virtual mouse click.

So you don’t have to stretch your fingers oxr use both hands to reach the top of the screen. The application works reasonably well, but it requires a lot of access rights and the ability to overlay other applications in order to function properly. In my opinion, that’s not too intrusive for such a practical app.


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The interface is clear and the options for customizing the cursor and the detection area for its activation (it disappears after a period of inactivity) are precise. The only “flaw” is that Smart Cursor blocks its most useful function behind a paywall. The functionality for contextual actions, with which you can scroll or right-click, is reserved for the paid version.

I advise you to pay 1.99 euros to unlock everything. Or you can do without the Smart Cursor since the free version without this function is really much less interesting.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: yes, one-time purchase of € 1.99 to unlock everything/account: not required
5 apps week 33 2021 smart cursor
Smart Cursor is designed for large screens. Samsung offers a similar feature that is very useful, especially on its Galaxy Z Fold devices. / © NextPit

You can download the Smart Cursor application from the Google Play Store.


Yes, I couldn’t help but show you yet another app for notes. In my opinion, the interesting thing about Noto is its interface. I like the idea of ​​organizing my notes in different folders that appear in a visually appealing and accessible layout.

Otherwise, there are the classic but indispensable functions for every note application: automatic saving, archiving, sharing, and exporting. The application works offline, does not require any permissions or even an account, and is free of advertising and in-app purchases.


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However, I regret that Noto does not offer a text editor. Word processing is an indispensable part of the user experience in this type of application. I want to be able to change the font and layout and expand my notes. This is a shame, especially since it is an open-source application with a very clear interface. A password-protected note function would also be nice.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required
5 apps week 33 2021 Noto
A word processing function is missing in Noto / © NextPit

You can download the Noto application from the Google Play Store.


I warn you right away, this application is very, very sneaky. Specifically, it is a random generator for character arcs. The application was made for role players and writers and allows you to create a character from scratch. In doing so, you give them an identity as well as physical and mental properties.

The data that you can enter is quite simple and does not go into too much detail. But I personally see it as a good basis, a structure on which you can let your imagination run wild. It’s like a helping hand that removes your writer’s block.

In my spare time, I like to write and often let my stories take place in fantasy or SF worlds. But sometimes I find it difficult to even find a name for a character. If you write, you will probably know what I mean. Sometimes you spend hours, days, weeks researching to make even the most insignificant detail in the world more believable and coherent.

For my part, I often start writing without naming specific characters. Or by decorating your backstory afterward if I can think of inspiration. So I really want to test the limits of this application. Characterize’s catalog of random number generators is impressive and the range is diverse.

You can choose different genres/registers, different regions, etc. It is also possible to adjust the elements of a character sheet individually (except for the name) in order to adapt the generated sheet without deleting it completely. However, calculate with just under 20 euros to activate all generators or between 0.99 and 5.99 euros for each one.

The figure of Louna Bergeron has generated 100% automatically without my having to change anything. Any resemblance to existing or former people is purely coincidental.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: yes, € 0.99 to € 19.99 / account: not required
5 apps week 33 2021 characterize
Very useful if you run out of inspiration before a game of JDR / © NextPit

You can download the Characterize app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Pluvia weather

A free, open-source weather app with no ads or in-app purchases. But with a very clear interface. The app supports German voice output and offers almost all the functions of a modern weather app.

The weather data comes from the OpenWeather API and the geolocation data from the MapBox API. The app offers 24-hour and 7-day forecasts and also has a practical radar function. This is useful, for example, if you are planning a trip to find out about the local weather (temperature, precipitation, wind, air pressure, etc.).


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I don’t really have anything to say about Pluvia Weather, except that I would have liked a widget. But the developer stated in one of his Reddit posts that he was working on it.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required
5 apps week 33 2021 pluvia weather
Pluvia Weather will delight the meteorologists among you / © NextPit

You can download the Pluvia Weather app from the Google Play Store.


In Unimime you play a mime who rides a unicycle over the rooftops of Paris. Because pantomimes are well associated with the city in the collective memory. The game’s soundtrack, with its accordion riffs, also reminds me of the music that a typical tourist stereotypically associates with France.

The aim of the game, however, is to cross an area from one end to the other while balancing on a unicycle. You have to swipe left to right with your left thumb to swing back and forth. Meanwhile, swipe left to right with your right thumb to go back and forth.

If you have played the trial games on the console or on the PC, you will already know the principle. Graphically, the game looks like a beautiful pencil drawing. However, it does contain ads and a ton of in-app purchases. It costs $ 0.99 (one-time purchase) to get rid of the ads and up to $ 6.99 to unlock new characters.

  • Price: free / advertising: no / in-app purchases: yes, € 0.99 to € 6.99 per item / account: not required

You can download the game Unimime from the Google Play Store 

What do you think of my latest selection? Have you already been able to download one of the applications and were you able to form a first impression? Then I am looking forward to your opinion in the comments!

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