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4 Ways to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another

4 Ways to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another
Data from Apple smartphones can be sent to others via physical USB cable connections, wireless tethering, or cloud data storage. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo

Know how to move information staff of a smartphone to another is basic for the correct management of data in devices mobile phones by users and to be able to have a safe and complete experience when purchasing a new phone.

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While it is true that the transfer option data is enabled as part of the basic functions of an iPhone at the time of starting the settingthere are several ways in which a person with a new iphone you can move your data from an old device.

Since iCloudgoing through physical connections with cables to the use of devices Mac either pcThese are some methods used as intermediaries to carry out this process.

Information transfer using iCloud

This is the easiest way to use the move option information from one device to another. The iCloud of Manzana you can store multiple backup files of your iphone and although it is true that the space available within this system can be a problem for some users who store a lot of information on their devices.

New iCloud interface.  (photo: iCloud/Jose Arana)
New iCloud interface. (photo: iCloud/Jose Arana)

Currently the space available for free in iCloud is 5 GB of storage. However, due to the large number of information such as photos, videos, applications, video, contacts, etc., this amount of space is insufficient and a payment could be considered to expand this ability up to 200GB

With the new amount enabled, users can make a copy of security of all the information available within a device. In order to enter the data transfer, users must enter through the route Setting > Your name > iCloud > iCloud Backup. By activating the Backup now option, the phone will go up to iCloud a copy of all information, including the most recent.

Data transfer using Quick Start

This is a transfer method data completely free unlike the way of iCloud because it does not depend on the storage capacity of an external medium to carry out the process of transfer.

Data transfer using Quick Start on iPhone.  (Manzana)
Data transfer using Quick Start on iPhone. (Manzana)

This transfer is done without the use of a physical connection between both the new and the old devices, although it does require that both be linked by bluetooth and authorize the configuration of the device new. One consideration to keep in mind is that you must connect both devices to your charger so that the process is not interrupted due to lack of charge.

Once you have prepared the transfer completely, pop-up windows will appear on the screens of both devices where the progress of the process will be shown.

Data transfer using a wired connection

Using a cable and adapter is also a viable option and is best used before the method of quick start because a Connection A physical transfer is even easier than a wireless one. However, in order to access this adapter users will have to make an investment, so the convenience of this process will depend on how much use can be given to this accessory. If it will not be used more than for this occasion, it is preferable to opt for another method.

Apple lightning cable to transfer information from one device to another.  (Manzana)
Apple lightning cable to transfer information from one device to another. (Manzana)

One of the details to take into account is that the expense that would be made could be reduced after the cables with input are incorporated. USB-C on the devices Manzanaalthough the user must see its convenience.

Apart from the difference between the physical connection and the cable adapter for the devices, this method does not differ from the previous one.

Data transfer using Mac or PC

This option is also viable and requires cables to perform, whether an input adapter is used lightningthe backup of the information using a pc either Mac It is more beneficial because the space in the internal memory is much larger and all the files that are saved in the device will be stored so that later they can be loaded in a new one. iphone.

New features in macOS Ventura.  (photo: Apple)
New features in macOS Ventura. (photo: Apple)

The new version of the system macOS allows devices iphone locate a backup in Finder. To load the data, you must click on an option that indicates to backup all iPhone data in Mac.

After the upload is complete, it will be possible to link the Mac with the new device and when turning on the iphone the user will need to bypass the quick start, choose Restore from Mac or PC, and wait for the information to load.

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