Home Entertainment 4 reasons to watch HBO Max’s futuristic blockbuster, “Westworld”

4 reasons to watch HBO Max’s futuristic blockbuster, “Westworld”

4 reasons to watch HBO Max's futuristic blockbuster,

Westworld is a futuristic, high-tech controlled amusement park. Its facilities have androids whose physical appearance is human, and thanks to them, visitors can give free rein to their instincts. (HBOMax)

Westworld It is one of the best television productions so far. Its first season began in 2016 by hbo max and as of today it has 4 deliveries in total; the latter premiered on June 26, 2022. Just as it caused controversy and impression from the beginning, it continues to do so. Therefore, if you did not know about this fiction, it is time for you to give it a try.

Westworld It has an intriguing plot, an excellent cast and an impeccable production. This series has everything to become your next addiction in streaming. Also, you don’t need to like the western genre to enjoy it. Know the reasons that will lead you to see it.

Image of "Westworld", second season.  (HBOMax)
Image of “Westworld”, second season. (HBOMax)

1. The plot

The premise is based on the fact that, in the not too distant future, we have perfected androids to such a degree that it is almost impossible to differentiate them from humans. From this a Wild West theme park called Westworld is created, where people can go and pretend they live in 1800s America. The plot is full of mystery and intrigue due to the unpredictable behavior of artificial intelligences; which makes you never know what will happen next.

The depth and human warmth of robots, as opposed to the coldness of humans, will make you question what is the right thing to do, morally speaking.

"Westworld" is produced by Jerry Weintraub Productions, Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot.  Its official distributor: HBO.  (HBO)
“Westworld” is produced by Jerry Weintraub Productions, Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot. Its official distributor: HBO. (HBO)

2. The story behind Westworld

The series is based on the 1973 film of the same name, which was written by the author of jurassic-park, Michael Crichton. And like her, this fiction also shows us what can happen to man when he believes himself to be almost a God who creates an amusement park and in the end everything gets out of control. Even, due to the original story, it is said that james cameron was inspired by these malevolent and murderous robots to create The Terminators.

3. Effects and aesthetics

This is a film that did not skimp on resources, which can be seen in the scenes of the laboratories where the androids are being created. It also creates a perfect mix between the futurism of the most advanced technology with everything archaic and the harshness of life in the far west. It is as if humans are stepping into a real video game.

Evan Rachel Wood in season 4 of "Westworld".  (HBOMax)
Evan Rachel Wood in season 4 of “Westworld”. (HBOMax)

4. Cast and creators

Westworld initially became known also for its top acting stars such as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, james marsden and the brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, among others. Some are still present.

In addition to the cast, it also has a renowned team. The series is produced by BadRobot, the same behind lost, star trek and episode 7 of starwars. The series is also created by Jonathan Nolancollaborator of his brother Christopher Nolan in movies like Interstellar, The Prestige Y Batman: The Dark Knight; among other.

Season four is described as “a dark odyssey into the fate of sentient life on Earth.” (HBO Max)

Finally, the music Westworld does a brilliant job of transporting us to the Wild West. Remember, you can watch all 4 seasons on HBOMax.

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