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3 reasons to cancel Netflix (and 2 good ones to keep your subscription)

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Netflix finally explained, in early February, how the new streaming measures to curb password sharing. As previously reported, the company is expected to charge an extra fee for accounts used by people living in different homes, which should affect a large user base.

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  • Check out how Netflix paid password sharing will work

With the global launch of the novelty getting closer, many subscribers are already wondering whether to cancel or keep the subscription. After all, is it worth investing in the streaming giant? We list three reasons to give up the subscription — and two good ones to continue with the red one.

Why cancel Netflix

What are the disadvantages of using Netflix? With more than 230 million paid users, the platform has become a reference in streaming and many people already use the platform automatically. If you’re considering unsubscribing, here are three points to keep an eye on.


It’s impossible to start talking about anything other than the very high prices charged for the subscription: prices range from BRL 18.90 for the basic plan with ads to BRL 55.90 for the premium — the highest charged for streaming among the most popular.

In comparison, rival platforms like HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ have monthly and multi-screen plans starting at R$ 27.90, R$ 14.90 and R$ 27.90, respectively. To make matters worse, Netflix is ​​still failing to be transparent with users, hiding its cheapest plan that has no ads.

Updated Netflix pricing table

canceled productions

Who never had their favorite series canceled by Netflix, throw the first stone. It is not new that the company is a specialist in terms of ‘cancellations’, as well as the lack of transparency in the criteria it analyzes to renew or not a production.

Recently, cancellations of 1899 and Warrior Nun, for example, generated many questions from fans. Netflix directors Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos, on the other hand, explained that streaming never canceled a really successful series – only those that had a small audience share and a high budget.

With a vast catalog of original productions, the chances of you starting to like a series that will be canceled without any explanation are very high. Hence, a Netflix subscriber should never get too attached. Here’s the tip.

original contents

The very high amount of original releases every month is a good reason to subscribe to streaming. But, on the other hand, quantity and quality are not proportional. Unlike other services that focus primarily on quality, Netflix has some poor debuts — like forgetting the bomb 365 dayswhich won three films on streaming, isn’t it?!

NetflixStreaming interface is by far the best among streams today

Why keep Netflix

While the reasons for canceling Netflix become more striking every day, it is undeniable that the platform also has qualities. Below are two points to consider before saying goodbye to the streaming service.


There’s nothing for anyone: in terms of interface and usability, Netflix comes out ahead of all competitors. Whether on TV or mobile devices, the red app is very easy to use and offers title recommendations that really go according to the user’s history and taste.

In addition, the entire interface is quite simple and intuitive even for the public that uses Kids accounts. With the popularity of the service, people who are not familiar with technology also tend to know how to use the platform. In the end, it is convenient to use Netflix.

vast catalog

Yes, we talked about original streaming content just above. But every burden has its bonus: the vast catalog brings options for all tastes, also providing good surprises along the way. Productions like Nothing New on the Front, Mank and Chicago’s 7, for example, will receive several Oscar nominations. In the world of series, Stranger Things and ozark were some of the highlights in awards such as Emmy and Golden Globe in recent years.

In addition, it is also possible to find several titles outside the United States / Europe axis, such as original dramas, anime and more productions from Latin America. The Indian film RRR, for example, won the world thanks to its launch on the platform.

That is, although Netflix makes a lot of mistakes in terms of content, the company tries so many times that it also manages to get it right. The question that remains now is: is the platform worth it for you? Comment on TecMundo’s social networks if you are going to cancel your subscription to the platform or not!

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