3 Moto Smartwatches are set to launch this year. Moto One, Moto G and Moto Watch.

3 Moto Smartwatches

Motorola being a reputable tech company has always come up with some exciting tech gadgets. In the recent past Motorola released two wristwatches but After releasing two versions of Moto 360 Smartwatches, the company seems to have lost their interest in the production of wearables. But now Motorola is looking to dominate the wearable market by their presentation of wearables, it seems like they are all set to launch 3 Moto Smartwatches.

Last time we saw Moto 360 in the market, as a product of eBuyNow. It is an “independent data-driven consumer electronic company”. Motorola will come to the wearable market this year with not just only one but with three moto smartwatches.

The recent leak doesn’t provide much information, But one can see the images and release date of Moto smartwatches. Moto G, Moto Watch, and Moto One, and presumably these three smartwatches will hit the market in the mid of this year. By one major leak, it estimates that the launch event will held in June or July this year.

3 Moto Smartwatches
Pic: Xataka Android

What to expect from 3 Moto Smartwatches?

The company is set to launch Moto One this year followed by Moto G and Moto Watch. The release date is not announced yet. But with the leaks, we can predict that Moto Smartwatches will release in the second half of this year.

MI Watch and MI Watch Lite by Xiaomi will be the competitor of 3 Moto Smartwatches. Xiaomi’s successfully released both watches in Europe. Moto G and Moto One will have a rectangular shape and Moto Watch with smooth rounded corners. Moto Watch could be the cheapest watch to have ever graced the market.

Motorola is one of the best Android smartphone companies. It needs to fight for its existence in the wearable category due to its long absence in the wearable market. But now Company is back in style with three nice and cheap 3 Moto Smartwatches in terms of the best durability, battery, and quality.


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