3 Free Fire tips to get kills at the start of the game

Get kills during the opening game of a game of Free fire it’s an art. It takes a lot of practice and dedication. One wrong move and the game ends with the elimination of the players.Even though each game has 50 players, it is easier said than done. Since the map is so vast, finding opponents becomes an obstacle. However, users can overcome these problems and improve their K / D ratio in each match by following a few Free Fire tips.


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Luck and difficult areas

One way to get more early game kills is through hot drops. In any game of Free fire, players can find numerous opponents in a single launch location.

With a little skill, they can easily take out some enemies. However, this mostly works in theory. In a practical situation, in addition to talent, it will take a lot of luck to survive the hot fall.

However, if players play their cards right, they can walk out of the hot blob location with half a dozen kills. This is not only a great start for the match, but it also helps improve morale and the K / D ratio.

Rotate to different locations

The maps of Free fire they are huge. With so much room to move, finding opponents is difficult, especially when the safe zone hasn’t started to shrink.

This is where vehicles play an important role. Users can quickly cover large areas of land and locate opponents on the map. Also, those who are proficient in driving can use the vehicle for easy eliminations.

To further enhance this strategy, players can use characters from Free fire like Misha and Not. Their skills are tailor-made for the vehicles and numerous advantages can be gained while driving.

Act quickly

The best way to find opponents early in the game is to follow the crowd. All players need to do is land in the region where most of the players land. If done correctly, more than 15 opponents can be found very close to each other.


Free Fire tips to fight outside the safe zone

If users are fast enough to loot and engage in combat, at least ten kills can easily be obtained. However, sufficient supplies must be secured before engaging in battle or the plan will fail.

A good character to use in this strategy would be Jack. Sustained Raid allows players to heal themselves by dealing damage. Kits won’t be needed very often if done correctly, allowing for a very aggressive playstyle in Free fire.

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