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3 apps that pay users to walk or run

Apps that pay to walk.  (photo: Androidphoria)
Apps that pay to walk. (photo: Androidphoria)

If any reader is a person who walks every day, either because he likes it or simply because of the need to move from one place to another, he will be interested to know that there are certain Applications they will pay you to do that.

And the truth is that today there are many apps with which you can make some extra money. It is not saying that the user will get rich using these applications, but who wouldn’t like to earn some extra money?

Additionally, apps that pay for walking could also work as motivation if you’re looking to improve your fitness. Next, TechMarkup presents presents 3 apps that will pay you to walk or run.


Sweatcoin is a new generation of step counters and activity trackers that turn exercise into currency that can be redeemed for devices, sports equipment, services and more experiences.

The app works like most pedometers, so it will ask for access to phone features like GPS, health, and fitness. Steps will be counted on the main screen and on the top right The amount of accumulated sweatcoins (SWC) will appear.

It is worth clarifying that, although its name ends in “coin”, it is not a cryptocurrency itself. In reality, it resembles a points accumulation program that offers some benefits.

So, every time you walk or jog, this app follows your steps and pays in sweatcoins. For every 1,052 steps it delivers 1 SWC. However, since the application works from GPS, it does not count steps taken on a treadmill.

It also does not work if the person travels in a vehicle, or rides a bicycle. There are also other ways to earn points within the platform, such as occasionally watching ads or completing daily challenges.

Sweatcoins.  (photo: Caring News)
Sweatcoins. (photo: Caring News)

Thus, while one walks with the application activated, the platform accumulates sweatcoins or points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Nevertheless, the accumulated total cannot be used freely, but it can only be redeemed for the options offered by its creators. Since the application itself includes its store, where there is a catalog with different products and services.

To access the Sweatcoin store, just press the icon with two bags found in the bottom menu bar of the app. Some products, discounts in some stores and service promotions are offered. The big surprise is the small number of offers.

For those who are not convinced by the store catalog, in Sweatcoin they will also have at their disposal several options with auctions (‘Bid’ tab) and cryptocurrencies (‘Crypto’ tab).

Auctions give users the option to aim for an even bigger prize by bidding their sweatcoins at key moments.

(photo: Sweatcoin)
(photo: Sweatcoin)


The app turns each step into digital currencies called ‘wards’, which in turn can be exchanged for discounts and offers, donations to various associations or dollars. WeWard’s golden rule is simple: the more you walk, the more money you earn.

However, it must be taken into account that there are several levels:

– The first allows you to earn a ‘ward’ for 1,500 steps.

– The second, 3 ‘wards’ for 3,000 steps.

– In the last one, 25 ‘wards’ are accumulated for 20,000 daily steps.

(photo: WeWard)
(photo: WeWard)

The app also has tests and challenges and even with routes to visit on foot the most beautiful places in each city.

Those responsible for WeWard admit that the app offers users the opportunity to “reconnect with walking”, thus becoming “a soft and healthy solution to health, ecological and local problems”. Through the motivation to walk every day “we act in favor of well-being, local dynamism and against pollution”.

However, the creators of the app also receive something in return. Its benefits focus on access to data, tastes and lifestyle of users in order to offer you more personalized advertising.

(photo: WeWard)
(photo: WeWard)

Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage

The proposal of this application is different from the others presented previously, since it focuses more on its users losing weight and not on the activity they use to lose weight. In order to win money with this application you have to make bets. Basically, you have to bet that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a specific period of time.

Within the same application, goals can be set with the help of an award calculator. In the calculator you have to enter the weight loss goal and the amount of the bet so that it returns the result of what the profit will be if the goal is achieved. The more weight you bet to lose and the more money you put in, the bigger the win.

(photo: Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage)
(photo: Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage)

The minimum bet that can be made on this platform is USD$100. There is the option to pay the bet immediately or pay it monthly in installments. If the goal is met, you could win up to a maximum of USD$10,000 and if the opposite happens and the goal is not reached, obviously the money will be lost.

It is very important that you take into account, in case you want to try this application, that this platform has a very strict no refund policy. That is, if a bet has been made and you want the money back, the only way to get it is by winning the bet that has been made.

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