27” iMac gets concept images with new colors, updated design and Apple M2; check out

Much is said about a new generation 27” Apple iMac. The biggest all-in-one computer in the portfolio was discontinued in March, fueling rumors that the company would update this model with a new processor and more advanced specs. Last Friday (24), a popular designer imagined what this product would look like.

The images below were created by Parker Ortolani, who also drafted concepts for iPadOS 16 prior to its official announcement. The 27” iMac was envisioned with an updated design for the new visual language of Apple computers, replacing the metallic look with more vibrant colors and accessories with similar tones.

(Image: Parker Ortolani)

Available colors would include black, white, green (similar to the iPhone 13 tone), blue and pink. Another detail noted is the removal of the Apple logo from the front area of ​​the 27” iMac. Finally, new Magic Keyboard models would be made available to match the more vibrant style of the new generation.

(Image: Parker Ortolani)

In Ortolani’s view, the all-in-one would have the same design and hardware in its 24-inch and 27-inch versions. This includes the upgrade to Apple’s M2 processor, which initially arrived for the MacBook Air and Pro. For now, there is no mention of the supposed “Pro”, “Max” and “Ultra” variants of the platform, but there are those who imagine the return of the iMac Pro.

Popular and trusted analysts are still not able to give an opinion on Apple’s “confused strategy”. The Studio Display, for example, has an incredibly similar design to the 27” iMac, which could indicate the definitive end of the line, although there are still rumors that this model will soon be launched with a 120 Hz mini LED screen.