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2023 will be the year of bendable models

2023 will be the year of bendable models

We obviously couldn’t have expressed it as a percentage, but probably no one was surprised by IDC’s conclusion, according to which bendable devices will gain an ever-increasing market share. the rate of growth compared to the traditional device market in a segment that was forced to record an 11% decline in 2022.


In 2022, manufacturers shipped 14.2 million clamshell and book-like folding devices, which represents a 75.5% increase compared to the previous year, although prices only decreased very slightly (10%). This year’s increase will not primarily be driven by a drop in the average selling price (we can only expect 6-8%), but rather by a significant increase in supply. On the flexible front, not only Samsung, Huawei/Honor and Motorola offer alternatives, but Oppo and Vivo are also competing in the international market, Google will join soon, there is a good chance that Xiaomi will slowly venture out of China, Tecno is also viable offer, and outside of the premium segment, Realme may be the first to offer such a construction.

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