1899: understand the end of the 1st season of the Netflix series

Finally, 1899 it’s between us. The new Netflix series made its debut this Thursday (17) and is already drawing attention because of its plot full of mysteries and secretswhich has been tying knots in viewers’ heads.


Which is not so surprising, considering that the work was created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the same creators of another streaming success: Dark (2017). As you may remember, the series had a very complex plot, with many details and puzzles.

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So if you didn’t quite understand the 1899 narrative, don’t worry, we’re going to give you a full rundown, as well as some theories.


What is the story of 1899?

The German series is premised on a journey of European immigrants from different parts of the continent, who leave for New York in order to leave their difficulties behind.


Armed with hope and dreams, the passengers board a ship (Kerberos) that, in the middle of transport, suddenly comes face to face with another vessel (Promotheus), apparently abandoned, but very dark.

When exploring the ship, the characters come across unimaginable things that turn the journey to the promised land into a real horrifying nightmare.

The main cast includes Andreas Pietschmann (Jonas from Dark), Isabella Wei, Anton Lesser, Emily Beecham, Clara Rosager, among others.

1899: narrative and theories


When watching the series, hints dropped by the narrative indicate that each of the passengers on the Kerberos ship is hiding something. Either they’re running away from something, or they’re running into something else. That is, there is already an established connection between the characters, who seem to have been manipulated or chosen to be there at that moment.

In that regard, some theories on the internet already try to make sense of 1899🇧🇷 One of them, for example, says that Kerberos and Prometheus would be the same ships (if we analyze their interiors well, we can notice similarities). Is Prometheus, therefore, a past or future version of Kerberos?

Another theory points to the symbologies related to the triangle, seen in the marketing of the series, and the parallel lines (which are also everywhere). This could indicate parallel worlds or different timelines. The enigmatic Bermuda Triangle is also mentioned in the theory.

Finally, we also found a theory involving the book “The Interpretation of Dreams”, released in 1899 (coincidence?) by Sigmund Freud🇧🇷 Due to the year of the book and the dreamlike atmosphere of the story, there could be a relationship between the works.

In any case, the theories must not stop there. We’ll keep an eye out to keep bringing you the best ones here on Minha Série!

What happens at the end of 1899?

In the penultimate episode, we see Kerberos being launched into a vortex at sea, in which other ships are, which, along with the passengers, are part of the entire simulation suggested in the series.

Which brings us to the final episode, in which it is explained that the only one capable of remedying the whole situation would be Maura. She would have imprisoned the other passengers in this simulation by clinging to the idea that reality is beyond what we see.

This is explained by the father to Eliot, who says that the simulation would have been created to keep everyone alive, in a kind of doll’s house in which reality would ‘mould’ according to Maura’s wishes.

Soon, the looping ceases only when Maura is captured and unmasked, revealing that Daniel was also helping her. However, there is one more final twist, which shows us that there is a new simulation, this one controlled by Daniel. That is, everyone, including Maura and her father, is under arrest.

In that sense, she would be the only one capable of dismantling the new situation. However, when she wakes up, she is in space.

Confused? Where is the plot going? Let’s wait for a new season to find out!

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