1899: Netflix series will have a 2nd season? Check out!

With 1899 officially debuting on Netflix, thriller fans are in over their heads. After all, the production is the creation of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the German duo responsible for another success of the genre on streaming: Dark (2017 – 2020)


And, as always, the most eager ones who have already checked out the series are already asking themselves: Will 1899 get a season 2? Before we tell you what we already know, let’s get to know a little more about the Netflix launch.

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Meet 1899, Netflix’s new mystery series

In the new production by the creators of Dark, a group of European immigrants from different origins sets out in search of new opportunities and decides to leave the old continent towards New York.


The journey full of hopes and dreams, however, is interrupted when the ship on which the characters are found another vessel, apparently abandoned. But what they find on board completely changes their stories and turns everything into a terrible nightmare.


Apparently, as well as dark🇧🇷 1899 it is full of secrets and mysteries that will probably yield many theories and interpretations by the spectators. Something that, of course, is very welcome.

That is, we can expect a lot of suspense, horror elements and hints of science fiction.

Will 1899 get a season 2?

For now, official news about the 1899 renovation have not yet emerged. However, there is great potential for a 2nd season and perhaps even more.


If we consider Dark, which had 3 seasons in total (26 episodes)chances are 1899 will follow a similar path and need more than one set of episodes to explain its mysteries and resolve its narrative in a satisfying way.

Even with the overwhelming success of Dark around the world, 1899 should gain more confidence from Netflix, as the work was also produced by Odar and Friese (who have already proven that they can write an engaging story).

However, of course, everything will depend on the level of success of the series, since Netflix takes into account metrics such as hours watched, top 10, among others.

The 1st season of 1899 has 8 episodes and names like Andreas Pietschmann, Isabella Wei, Anton Lesser and Emily Beecham in its cast.

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