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1899: 8 Details You Might Have Missed About the Netflix Series

O triângulo é uma das chaves para os mistérios de 1899.

Created by the same creators of Dark, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the 1899 series was another one of those productions that came to tie knots in the heads of its viewers🇧🇷 The work, which follows the trajectory of several European passengers on a ship where nothing is what it seems, offered several puzzles for Netflix subscribers to assemble.

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However, even with the end of the series revealing a good part of its secrets, some details still passed by the eyes of many, since 1899 it is full of references and details.

Below, therefore, check out 8 details from 1899 that you may not have seen!


8 – Triangles on all sides

One of the most recurrent symbols used in 1899 is the figure of the triangle. If you stop to think about it, he appears on the series’ posters, in several different scenes, on some objects and even in the background. And, of course, this was not for nothing, since the element is a super important tip for solving the central mystery of the series.


The triangle is one of the keys to the 1899 mysteries.Source: Netflix

The triangle is also considered the simplest geometric shape that exists and anything can be built from it. And, as we well know, 1899 is a great construction of reality from a simulation.

7 – Repeated numbers

Have you ever stopped to notice that the series features several sequences of numbers throughout the episodes? Besides the name of the series being a number, 1011 is a value that persists in several scenes. And the reason for this becomes clear at the end.

1011 is Maura's room number: the architect of one of the simulation layers.1011 is Maura’s room number: the architect of one of the simulation layers.Source: Netflix

As what we are seeing in 1899 is a big simulation, 1011 is part of a binary code (even programming, like what we see in computer systems), indicating from the beginning what the Netflix series really means.

6 – Synchronized movement

As a way of giving more hints that the plot seen in 1899 is nothing more than a simulation, a scene from the first episode shows a kind of “error” in the Matrix. The sequence in question features passengers raising their cups or glasses at the same time to drink.

The perfectly synchronized movement indicates a small “glitch” in the simulation. A little mistake in the reality created by Maura. You noticed?

5 – Names of ships

Do the names Prometheus and Kerberos remind you of anything? The titles of the 1899 ships were also not chosen at random. Both nomenclatures have Greek origins, more precisely from some historical myths of the region.

Prometheus is the "ghost" ship from 1899 that holds many secrets.Prometheus is the “ghost” ship from 1899 that holds many secrets.Source: Netflix

Kerberos (Cerberus) is the three-headed dog that guards the underworld. Prometheus is the God of Fire who molds humanity from clay and who defies other gods by giving people fire.

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4 – The beetle

While the 1899 ships add references to ancient Greece, the colorful beetle that opens doors has a connection to another place: Egypt.

Despite being just an insect, the color beetle plays an important role in 1899.Despite being just an insect, the color beetle plays an important role in 1899.Source: Netflix

As some may have noticed, the beetle is actually a beetle, a common name given to the various species of coleopteran insects that belong to the Scarabaeidae family. They are dated back to ancient Egypt.

They were considered a sign of renewal, which can bring with it a kind of awakening. Something that, as it turned out, has everything to do with the series.

3 – Daniel’s remote control

From the beginning, we know that Daniel is a mysterious character and possibly knows a lot more than he seems. Throughout the narrative, we discover that he has a control capable of altering certain aspects of “reality”.

The item, therefore, from the beginning, already gave us an important tip: if reality cannot be controlled by a remote control, what could? A simulation, created in a specific way, through codes and programming.

Did that cross your mind right away?

2 – The Awakening

In episodes 1 and 7 of 1899, an important item appears on the scene: the book “The Awakening”, by Kate Chopin, published in the year that gives title to the Netflix series.

The book deals with relevant themes through the character Edna Pontellier, who “awakens” socially while navigating psychological and personal issues. Which, of course, makes a clear reference to the 1899 protagonist, Maura.

After all, who is in an awakening process is precisely her.

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1 – Elliott’s hideout

In 1899after it is revealed that Elliott is Maura and Daniel’s son, we see that the boy takes shelter in a kind of hiding place that, on the inside, looks like a normal children’s room, but which, on the outside, is a tomb / tombstone.

This already implies the fate of the boy, who died and is living in a simulation created by his mother. A sign that, despite being obvious once explained, may have gone unnoticed.

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