12th Gen Alder Lake Intel DRM issues on some games have all been fixed

The Alder Lake processors were crippled by a nasty DRM bug that was a little too picky.

First announced as a mere possibility, the incompatibility between video games and Intel’s Alder Lake hybrid architecture was quickly confirmed, with nearly a hundred titles affected.

Intel DRM issues: Windows Game Patches and Updates

The concern was obviously linked to a problem with the recognition of the two types of cores present in the Alder Lake processors: the DRM of these games identified the thing as two separate machines.

Was bound “, Because after having mentioned the nearly one hundred games concerned, Intel reduced the problem to three games a month after the official release of Alder Lake. The American founder is even today able to specify that no more games encounter any problems.


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The last three games still concerned, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Fernbus Simulator and Madden 22, have obviously benefited from life-saving updates. In its last official intervention to evoke the concern, the company explains:

Intel fixed the DRM issue on Intel Core 12 processorse generation that caused games to crash or hang when loading under Windows 11 and/or Windows 10 when working with game publishers and Microsoft. Currently, all games originally identified as having this DRM issue have been fixed through game patches or operating system updates.

The founder adds: ” If you are having issues on an older Windows operating system, run the latest version of Windows Update to resolve the issue. Besides game fixes, the most recent updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10 solved the majority of DRM issues.

Aside from the Alder Lake Intel DRM issues, the anti-piracy software hasn’t been well received by the gaming community or even certain developers. Denuvo has the potential to degrade performance in certain video games. For example, stuttering issues plagued Resident Evil Village. Furthermore, major publishers including as Square Enix, Capcom, and Bethesda have removed Denuvo from a number of popular titles.

In other news, Intel’s planned Arc Alchemist graphics cards appear to have been delayed beyond their originally intended introduction date in the first quarter of 2022.

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Source: Intel

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