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12 drawings from your childhood that you might not remember the name of

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Who doesn’t remember spending the morning watching our favorite cartoons? Whether coming home from school or on weekends, there’s no denying that animation has been an important part of most children’s lives.

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When we think of animations, some classic cartoons immediately come to mind. However, we don’t always remember what they were called, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen an episode.

It is normal to remember mainly the characters or the story itself, but have difficulties remembering the name. With that in mind, here are some classic productions to activate your nostalgia and awaken childhood memories. Without further ado, let’s check it out?

Check out 12 drawings from your childhood that you might not remember the name of:

12 – Big Boss (1961)

It seems strange to read that Big Boss It’s from 1961, isn’t it? After all, the cat gang was a very big part of an entire generation’s childhood. However, that’s it! Also called Top Catthe classic drawing accompanied the kittens as they were chased by the guard Belo.

There’s been a lot of laughs over the years and now you must be wanting to re-watch the episodes!

11 – Dick Dastardly & Muttley (1969)

Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon now! If you read the first sentence in the rhythm of the music, you’ve certainly had a lot of fun with the adventures of Dick crook. The animation was created by Hanna-Barbera and was classic on SBT mornings.

The character originally appeared in Crazy race and later got its own spin-off: Dick Scoundrel & Muttley.

10 – Shark (1976)

Another great cartoon classic that was also produced by Hanna-Barbera was sharkfrom the 70’s. The opening theme is also classic and you will no doubt remember the adventures of Jaws or hear this jingle!

9 – Cave of the Dragon (1983)

You might not even remember the name of the cartoon, but it’s very difficult to find a child from the 80’s and 90’s who didn’t book the morning time to watch the show. dragon cave.

In the animation, a group of children are trapped in the dimension of Dungeons and Dragons (hello, Stranger Things?) and live the most diverse adventures. It is one of the drawings that marked the generation!

8 – The Flintstones in the Golden Years (1986)

In English, Flintstones Kids was a production focused on the children’s version of the friends and featured an opening song that is synonymous with a lot of nostalgia. Whoever thought that the Stone Age could not yield very charismatic and funny characters was wrong!

7 – The Amazing World of Bobby (1990)

Being a mixture of comedy and fantasy, this cartoon was a classic of the 90’s and followed a boy known mainly for his imagination. The drawing marked so much that to this day the expression “fantastic world” is used to describe someone who has his head in the clouds!

6 – The Little Bear (1995)

With 5 seasons in total, the little bear told the story of a bear and his friends Owl, Chicken and Cat. The adventures in the woods helped shape a whole group of kids!

5 – The Hour of Recreation (1997)

The Time of Recreation it was such an important childhood drawing that it even got a movie in 2001! The iconic characters are remembered to this day and yielded very fun moments from our childhood.

4 – Rua do Zoo 64 (1999)

My favorite neighbors are animals! Here’s another opening lyric that must have sparked a lot of memories in you. Already reaching the 2000s, the animated series of animals made us fall in love with Georgina and the others!

3 – Where does it come from? (2001)

In Where does it come from?, 2001, Kika is a curious girl who wants to know how everything works and where things come from. Therefore, the drawing was perfect for children who also want answers to everything!

2 – Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs (2005)

Have you ever thought about having a magic bucket that takes you on various adventures? That was the story of Harry, a young man who made his friends embark on a fantasy world with him!

1 – Lola and Virginia (2007)

Last but not least, we also have the latest Lola and Virginia, a cartoon that follows a middle-class girl and a rich girl who compete with each other!

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