11 weeks: Nintendo Switch OLED screen did not burn

The OLED Switch is raising concerns about the longevity of its OLED display. A YouTuber had fun leaving a static image displayed on his console for… 11 weeks in a row!

11 weeks on the same image to burn the screen of his Nintendo Switch OLED

OLED refractories often cite screen burns, especially since the arrival of OLED screens on smartphones, as well as laptops and the Nintendo Switch OLED more recently.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED

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The marking phenomenon has above all Brand the first generations of OLED displays, manufacturers are now bursting with imagination to create techniques to limit the impact of this problem.

Residual image cleaning mechanism, still image detectors, shifting of the displayed image, updating of pixels, local adjustment of brightness… there are many methods and differ between manufacturers.

11 weeks… and no burns!

Precisely, the YouTuber Wulff Den had fun testing the screen of his new OLED Switch. With a static image of the game Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it tried to achieve a burn-in effect on the OLED screen in a total of 1,800 hours (75 days or 11 weeks if you prefer) at maximum screen brightness.

The conclusion is positive, the Nintendo Switch OLED shows no burns after 1,800 hours of continuous use, despite the first signs of fatigue. He will therefore continue the experiment… and keep us informed if any markings appear.

By the way, the results of the experiments are clear. Do not worry about playing the game for a few hours and why the board is burning. It does not matter if a particular game has a lot of fixed elements or something you want to do without having to give up the keyboard.

As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch OLED uses a Samsung OLED screen in HD definition @ 60 fps. This is one of the only differences with the classic Switch, you can find our full test here.


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