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10 Worst Movies of 2022 According to IMDb; see the list!

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In December, IMDb released the list of the 10 worst movies of 2022🇧🇷 The choice was made based on the score of each title, calculated according to the ratings received and showing how the public received it, in addition to criteria defined by the site itself that determine the worst releases.

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Did any movies you liked make it onto this list? Let’s find out!

10 – Heart Team (Note 6)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

With Kevin James, Taylor Lautner and Rob Schneider in the cast, the film tells the story of Sean Payton, a coach who was suspended from the NFL and, unemployed, decides to coach his son’s football team. Although it has a formula that works well for both drama and comedy, the feature did not win the hearts of critics.

9 – Morbius (Note 5.2)

(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)Source: Marvel

And there’s a Marvel movie on the worst movies of 2022 list too! Morbids marked the debut of actor Jared Leto in the MCU, but, compared to the other releases of the studios, both in cinema and on Disney +, it was a failure at the box office. Although the story isn’t directly tied to Marvel’s timeline, fans expected more from the production.

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8 – The King’s Daughter (Note 5.1)

(Source: Bliss Media/Disclosure)(Source: Bliss Media/Disclosure)Source: Bliss

The King’s Daughter brought Pierce Brosnan, Kaya Scodelario, William Hurt and Benjamin Walker to the cast. According to the synopsis, “King Louis XIV and his quest for immortality leads him to capture and steal the life force of a mermaid”. Yep, the movie is every bit as weird as its description suggests, and it’s no surprise that it landed a spot on the list!

7 – The Bubble (Grade 4.7)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

And speaking of synopses and strange plots, A Bubble is another production that could not be left out of the list of worst films of 2022. After all, the film tells the story of a group of actors and actresses who try to finish a film while they are inside. of a pandemic bubble in a hotel. The weak script did not surprise critics or audiences.

6 – Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wild (Grade 4.3)

(Source: 20th Century Fox/Disclosure)(Source: 20th Century Fox/Disclosure)Source: 20th

How many Ice Age movies would it take for the movie industry to be saturated? Well, it looks like The Adventures of Buck Wild has finally come to an end. As charming as the creatures are, the animation did not conquer as much as the adventures of Manny and Sid and IMDb ended up classifying the drawing as one of the worst releases of 2022.

5 – Flames of Vengeance (Grade 4.6)

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source: Universal

The cast that includes Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmone and Michael Greyeyes seems to be strong, but Flames of Vengeance did not make an impact in theaters. The film could even have an interesting plot, with a girl who mysteriously starts to set things on fire with her eyes, but the lack of development does not hold the viewers’ attention.

4 – Agent of Shadows (Grade 4.8)

(Source: Briarcliff Entertainment/Disclosure)(Source: Briarcliff Entertainment/Disclosure)Source: Briarcliff

Travis Block is a government agent who is dealing with his past and discovers a conspiracy that puts him in the sights of the FBI director on a daily basis – the same one who once promised to protect him. With an interesting plot, the film’s problem is falling into action clichés and being predictable.

3 – Family Vacation (Note 5.1)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

In this film starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, a family man can, for the first time in years, enjoy his vacation alone and decides to attend his best friend’s birthday party, who is a very party person. Even with the recipe ready for comedy, the film did not please the critics and was easily forgotten among the other releases of the year.

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2 – 365 Final Days (Note 2.7)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Although every release in the 365 Days franchise has shot to the top of Netflix’s most watched list, it’s hard to find people who actually rate the plot as good. The characters lack depth and the plot is fast-paced, preventing the audience from really connecting with what happens on screen. That, of course, not counting the awkward dialogue for even the most open-minded audience!

1 – 365 Days: Today (Note 2.1)

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

With that, the list of worst movies of 2022 ends with the latest release of the 365 Days franchise. With a score of just 2.1 positive ratings on the platform, the film did not have a satisfying end to the saga and won the title of worst film released in 2022. What did you think of the choice?

So, did you like to find out which are the 10 worst movies of 2022? Do you agree with the list? In order not to miss anything that happens in the world of series, movies and anime, keep an eye on the site. Also, take the opportunity to share the article on social networks!

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