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10 Tori Spelling Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know: This Is Donna From ‘Feeling’

10 Tori Spelling Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know: This Is Donna From 'Feeling'

Tori Spelling has surprised with an imminent appearance in the premiere of the third season of Mask Singer: Guess who’s singing, the most enigmatic and musical program on Antena 3.

The contest jury was speechless to find out who was behind the mask of Harlequin was the actress known mainly for her role as Donna Martin in Feeling of living.

So that you get to know her better and remember her time on the small and big screen, we leave you with some curiosities and anecdotes that you probably did not know about Tori Spelling.

1. His father was the producer of ‘Sensation of living’

Tori Spelling is the daughter of the famous television producer Aaron Spellingwho led many successful series, including the American film Beverly Hills, 90210.

In it, Victoria Spelling played the role of Donna Martin in Feeling of living, but… was it precisely because of the important weight that his father had in the production? Whatever it was, it was the turning point for Tori to rise to international fame.

2. She was an ice cream seller

Before becoming one of the most valued and followed actresses (she has more than a million and a half followers on her Instagram account), Spelling worked as an ice cream salesperson at a well-known Baskin-Robbins store.

3. Her facet as a writer

In 2009, Victoria Spelling published her first book, ‘sTORI Telling’an autobiography that became a New York Times bestseller.

In it, she recounts how she became one of the most recognizable young actresses of her generation, not only in the United States, but from all corners of the world, with a personal life that practically became public.

‘sTORI Telling’, book by Tori Spelling

4. Addicted to plastic surgeries?

On numerous occasions and in interviews, Tori Spelling has been criticized for her appearance, her continual cosmetic changes, and has been mocked for her alleged addiction to plastic surgery.

Being barely in her twenties, the actress seemed not to feel comfortable with her physique and led her to make the decision to go under the knife for the first time and undergo breast surgery. Some say it was the beginning of what triggered an addiction to celebrity plastic surgeries.

5. Grief with your mental health

Despite the fact that Tori Spelling had a privileged and apparently happy childhood, the actress has spoken openly in different interviews about her struggle with anxiety and depression, which has made her visible to the public and even on her social networks about the duel that he is keeping up with his mental health.

6. A star couple

In 2013, Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott starred in a reality show called Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. In it, all the details about his family life and how they combine it with his popular professional career were documented in detail.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

7. Spelling had financial problems

Spelling has suffered various financial problems throughout her life and has been sued on several occasions for unpaid debts to banks.

Specifically, it was in November 2016 when Amerian Express sued the popular actress because she accumulated a debt of 87 thousand dollars on her credit card. But the problem did not stop there. In January 2017, she received another complaint for not paying a $37,000 bill.

8. Five children… and an unfaithful relationship?

Spelling and her husband, actor Dean McDermott, currently have five children together, however, they have gone through different ups and downs in their relationship, including rumors of infidelity by the interpreter.

9. Linked to jewelry and fashion businesses

Although Tori Spelling has continued to act on television and film, her main role in her professional career, she has also explored the world of business such as jewelry and fashion, of which she has declared herself a true lover of this world of the aesthetics.

10. How bullying affected your life

Spelling is a lauded supporter of various charities and has worked on projects to raise money for cancer research and to help young people who suffer from bullying.

What’s more, he has publicly denounced that he suffers this bullying very closely: Stella Doreen McDermott, his second 13-year-old daughter with Dean McDermott, suffered this bullying from a schoolmate, who he claims made his life impossible to the little girl since she was only 10.

Tori Spelling and her daughter ​Stella Doreen McDermott
Tori Spelling and her daughter ​Stella Doreen McDermott

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