10 tips to get the most out of Netflix

10 tips to get the most out of Netflix

Netflix saves many available options that allow to optimize the user experience. Next, a detail of some of the alternatives that can be accessed to take advantage of the streaming platform.

1. Explore hidden categories

Netflix has a wide variety of content to watch, the point is to find exactly what you are looking for and, above all, to identify some options that are not as visible.

For that, “secret codes” can be used, which are certain numbers that, when entering the URL, take the user to different subcategories within the platform.

To access this content, simply enter the following in the URL address: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/, and then add the code in question. By doing so, the page will redirect the user to the specific genre they are looking to explore. For example, if it is written http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/31574 You will see a list of classic movies. Here are some codes to access different options:

1. Action and adventure: 1365

2. Anime: 7424

3. Children’s and family films: 783

4. Classic Movies: 31574

5. Comedies: 6548

6. Cult Movies: 7627

The rest of the categories with their corresponding subcategories are detailed in this note.

2. Put together a custom listing

The platform offers the option of creating a personalized list with the content that the user wishes to add. To make use of this option, just click on the name of the series or movie in question and click on the option “My list”.

In this way, all the content that you want to see later is saved in a section. It can also be used whenever someone recommends a title to watch. It is saved in this kind of “memory aid” and then everything will appear in one place.

3. Create custom profiles

The platform allows you to create up to five profiles in the same account. This option allows you to configure each profile in a personalized way: it is possible to set the language, playback options, subtitles, as well as generate your own lists with your favorite content.

4. Remove access to some users

In case it is suspected that someone entered the Netflix account without permission. Or if you want to remove someone’s permission that was previously granted, you can do the following:

1. Login to the Netflix home page and sign in.

2. Search in the upper right margin the profile symbol and then go to Account.

3. Swipe until you find the “Recent device streaming activity” option.

4. By entering this option, all devices will be seen from which the account was used with data such as type of equipment, date and time of reproduction of the content.

If it is indeed verified that someone entered without permission, then you can, also from the Account configuration menu and choose “Sign out of all devices.”

5. Play “something”

The function “Play something” causes the system to randomly display any content. It is an alternative that can be useful when you do not know what to see. The algorithm will show something that it estimates the user might like based on the content they have been consuming.

As soon as the mentioned option is pressed, the system will directly start to show a matter. You can press that button as many times as you want to see the different recommendations offered by the system.

6. Downloads for you

The Downloads for You option is available in the mobile version of the platform. These are downloads made by the system, on its own, based on the user’s tastes. This function can be completely disabled or configured taking into account some issues, such as the possibility of setting download limits so that the content that is downloaded automatically does not fill the entire memory of the device.

To access this option you must touch the profile picture, go to App settings and then to Autodownloads. There you can choose if you can allocate space, indicate if you should only download with Wi-Fi or if you want the program to automatically download the next episode of the series you are watching.

7. Check network and internet speed

The application has an option to check the internet speed. In case you have problems playing a title, having this information can be useful. To access this feature, go to app settings and choose the option that says “check network”, On the other hand, you can run internet speed test, in the same section. Clicking on it launches Fast, a program to measure this aspect. There you will see the available upload and download speed.

8. Enjoy a series with another person

The extension available for Google Chrome, netflix partyallows two remote users to watch any content available on the streaming platform at the same time, completely synchronized.

9. Remove content from the “Continue watching” section

When you start watching a series on the platform, the portal saves this information and every time the person accesses their profile, the content is displayed in the Continue watching section..

However, it may happen that the user has not enjoyed the episodes so far and wants to leave the series; that is, you want the title to stop appearing within the mentioned section. To remove it, simply press on the title in question and click on the cross. When doing so, the system will ask why you want to remove it from there.

10. Download personal information

The service has an option to download all of the user’s personal information, which includes, among other things, the viewing activity on the platform. To access this option you have to go to Account, scroll to the end and choose the option that says “Download your personal information”