10 signs that tell you it’s time to buy a new phone

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The price of mobile phones is becoming more attractive, but this does not mean that you have to replace your phones every year. Even if the price drops, not everyone may be able to afford to buy a new smartphone, which is why most of us will do our best to make our phones work like new phones for a long time. Sadly, despite your best efforts to produce an old phone last year, your device will fail sooner or later. The problem is, you know exactly when is the time to buy a new phone and replace your old smartphone with a new one.

There is no absolutely reliable way to predict when your phone will stop working forever, so the fateful day will not be unexpected, but we can collect a number of symptoms to warn us that the smartphone is about to die and time to buy a new phone.

signs you need a new phone

If your mobile does this, it’s time to buy a new phone:

If your mobile has fallen more than a Bitcoin:

All of us accidentally drop our phones from time to time. In addition, if we are not very lucky, we will not be able to prevent them from touching some liquids, which from time to time will enter the team.

If your phone repeatedly trips, bumps and splashes, chances are it will start to malfunction sooner or later, even if you can’t see any trace or scratches on the outside of the phone. If the terminal has lasted several years and you suspect that your current problem is related to it, it is best to replace the phone before it completely stops working.

I need a new phone

When Power Button Doesn’t work:

The latest phones have few buttons, but buttons like the power button are essential. A stopped power button doesn’t necessarily mean the phone is about to stop working, but if you can’t turn it on or off, it won’t be a user-friendly operation. So keep in mind it’s time to buy a new phone.

Mobile Shutdowns and Restart repeatedly:

If your phone turns off by itself, nothing will happen, but when it turns off itself after restoring the system, bad things are going to happen. The phone sometimes shuts down or shuts down from time to time, but if it runs repeatedly every day, it may indicate a problem with the battery or a problem with the motherboard or processor.

You should use a mobile phone to solve two possible solutions: repair it by paying more than one hundred dollars or buy a new mobile phone directly.

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Battery timing is very low:

If your phone’s battery is getting low then it is a sure sign that your phone is getting old. The battery of a mobile phone can be improved by some techniques. But the truth is that this is one of the most common components that we find in a mobile phone. Each charge cycle consumes the battery and there are very few mobile phones with more than 1000 cycles. If you consider charging your mobile phone every day, it means that the service life is almost two and a half years.

Abnormal Behaviour of Screen:

If the screen fails, it may be time to replace the smartphone. As long as the display doesn’t suffer from software problems, it cannot be easily fixed and is one of the most expensive components.

If the phone starts to show vertical lines or streaks on the screen or other abnormalities (such as flickering), this is a good warning sign. Another sign related to the screen is that its touch system has become clumsy. If the smartphone ignores your touches and swipes or responds slowly, it is almost impossible for the device to do anything, indicating that it is in an idle state.

Over Heating mobile, Even when it is not in use:

Many problems with the phone can cause overheating. But these problems are usually resolved if we find out when and how the problem occurred. However, if the device overheats when not in use, your mobile has a big problem. We all know that phones will explode after overheating, so get some time to buy a new phone instead of ignoring the problem.

The camera takes a long time to take a photo:

If you are using an older phone, it is likely to fall far behind the latest cameras on the market in terms of camera quality. However, one type of problem that you shouldn’t suffer from is shutter lag. If the time interval between the moment you press the shutter and the actual photo was taken by the phone is infinite, that doesn’t bode well for extending the life of the phone.

poor camera of mobile

Swollen Battery:

When the battery swells, the phone will undergo various physical changes, which is dangerous. Components damaged in this way are signs of the breakdown of chemicals within the battery. Unless you want your phone to short circuit or the battery catches fire, it is best to stop using it immediately and go to the store and it a time to buy a new phone.

The Phone is very Slow:

Keeping the mobile software up to date, deleting unnecessary files, uninstalling certain apps, rechecking device settings, and even resetting the phone are many ways to improve phone performance, but if you try all of these people’s phones they won’t stop slowing down. and the slower it works, you know it’s the best time to get a new phone.


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