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10 short series to watch on the Carnival holiday

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The time of greatest revelry and relaxation of Brazilian culture is coming. The Carnival holiday is scheduled to take place on February 21, ensuring a period of time off for many people.

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There are those who like to go to the streets to enjoy the party, but it’s also really worth taking advantage of the time at home, recharging your energies for the post-holiday period. If you are the type of person who will take advantage of this time off to rest, we have some tips!

O My Series made a selection with the best series for you to marathon during the weekend. The list includes short but quality productions that can be seen quickly via streaming! Check it out below.

10 – Abbott Elementary

(Source: Star+/Disclosure)Source: Star

The comedy in mockumentary format portrays the routine of teachers at a public school in Philadelphia. Light and fun, the project has already won a second season that is being shown in the United States.

The 13 episodes of the first season, which last just 23 minutes each, are available in the Star+ catalogue.

9 – The Bear

(Source: Star+/Disclosure)(Source: Star+/Disclosure)Source: Star

The drama from FX, American television channel, accompanies Carmen, a renowned chef who needs to return to his hometown, Chicago, after the death of his brother, who left the family restaurant as an inheritance.

The project is available on Star+, with 9 episodes ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. Check out the series review.

8 – Mare of Easttown

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

The miniseries tells the story of a detective, Mare, who tries to solve the mystery of the murder of a girl in the small town where she lives, while having to deal with her own personal life, which went through a great tragedy some time ago.

The limited series has only 7 episodes, averaging an hour each, and is available on HBO Max.

7 – Only Murders in the Building

(Source: Star+/Disclosure)(Source: Star+/Disclosure)Source: Star

Two experienced actors, Steve Martin and Martin Short, join young Selena Gomez in this series in which three neighbors team up to solve murders that occurred in the building where they live.

  • Only Murders in the Building: A Comedy Clash of Generations (review)

The dramedy mixes the relationship between two generations very well as the characters have to deal with mysteries and their own personal issues.

In all, two seasons have already been released, each with 10 episodes of about half an hour. The complete content can be found in the Star+ catalogue.

6 – Arcane

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The animation inspired by league of legendsa famous electronic game, tells the story of two sisters, Jinx and Vi, who begin to fight on opposite sides of a war after a tragedy shakes their relationship.

The first season is available on Netflix and contains only 9 episodes, averaging 40 minutes each.

5 – Monica’s Gang – The Series

(Source: Globoplay/Disclosure)(Source: Globoplay/Disclosure)Source: Globoplay

Talking about national productions, the great live action series from Monica’s Gang won the hearts of thousands of viewers in 2022. In it, the gang needs to unravel the mystery of who soiled Carminha Frufru at her own party.

With only 8 episodes of about 20 minutes, it is really worth checking out and valuing the national production inspired by Mauricio de Sousa’s comics.

4 – Ordinary People

(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)Source: Lionsgate

He’s popular, she’s not. He doesn’t have a lot of money, she’s rich. He is kind, she is cold. The romance between Connel and Marianne swept hearts in 2020 and is a great demonstration of how a relationship changes with personal maturity.

The series was highly praised for its real representation and out of the clichés usually presented in productions that have romance as their central theme. The 12 episodes of the miniseries last an average of 28 minutes each, and are all available in the Lionsgate+ catalog.

3 – The White Lotus

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

The mix between comedy and drama is exceptionally well dosed in this HBO anthology series. Each of the two seasons focuses on different groups of characters who are going to spend a week at a luxury resort. However, at the end of that week, one of them dies.

  • The White Lotus Carries Desire and Betrayal to Sicily (Criticism)

The first season has 6 episodes and takes place in Maui, Hawaii. The second goes to Taormina, Sicily, and unfolds over 7 chapters. The power games between people from the upper class of society and the way they see the world are the central theme of this satire available on HBO Max.

2 – Inventing Anna

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The Netflix limited series tells the true story of Anna Delvey, the scammer who made several people of New York’s elite believe that she was a German heiress and entrepreneur.

The 9 episodes, with an average of one hour each, show how Anna devised her scams and follow the court that judged her case after being discovered.

1 – The Queen’s Gambit

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Discover the story of Beth Harmon, a chess player who, since her childhood at the orphanage, became a chess enthusiast and turned this passion into a profession.

The chess games in the miniseries, in addition to being extremely thought-provoking, are also a backdrop for all the events in Beth’s life, who has a strong personality and a certain addiction to drugs and drinks. The 7 episodes range from 46 to 68 minutes and are all available on Netflix.

So, are you going to check out any of these series during Carnival?

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