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10 Power Rangers curiosities and controversies

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the fans of power Rangers are with high expectations for the big debut of Netflix, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Now and Forever, which arrives in the catalog in the first semester. Announced in early 2023, the much-loved original characters from the series will be present and together again after 30 years for a special mission in live-action.

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Thinking about preparing you for the premiere, scheduled for April 19th on streaming, Minha Série gathered 10 curiosities about the Power Rangers that you need to know, including controversies that are part of the history of the program. Check out:

10. The actors were underpaid in the first season

Image: Reproduction / SabanSource: IMDb

While there are Hollywood stars that annually join the list of highest paid celebrities of the year, there are also those actors who accepted much simpler conditions to be part of a television and film project. This was the case with the original cast in the first season: according to FandomWireeach actor was paid $600 a week.

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The salary injustice was a reason for revolt for the actors who played the black and yellow rangers, who ended up leaving the program in the middle of the second season.

9. The yellow ranger from the first episode is different from the rest of the series

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: Fandom

In the pilot episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the much-beloved Yellow Ranger was played by Audri Dubois, whose television career doesn’t have as many credits beyond the show. She was 25 years old when the episode aired, making her the oldest member of the main cast, whose ages ranged between 18 and 24 years old.

However, precisely because of salary issues, the actress left the project shortly after the first episode, making room for Thuy Trang to play the character.

8. Actor Who Played Red Ranger Was Accused Of Murder

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: G1

Ricardo Medina Jr., who played the Red Ranger in power rangers animal force and the villain Deker in Power Rangers Samurai, stamped foreign media newspapers in 2017 after confessing that he stabbed a roommate to death using a sword. The case took place in January 2015, when the pair fell out in the house they lived in California.

The reason for the fight would have been the presence of Medina’s girlfriend at the scene, questioned by her colleague. The actor was sentenced to the maximum sentence months after the confession, getting 6 years in prison in all.

7. The ranger with the most appearances

Image: Reproduction / Twentieth Century FoxImage: Reproduction / Twentieth Century FoxSource: Tecmundo

Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), who died last year, was a true record holder in the history of power Rangers. The actor had the second largest participation in the franchise since the beginning of its production in 1993, behind only Paul Schrier, the Bulk. In addition, he also has the longest continuous stint as team leader, when he was named in Season Two and held until mid-2019. power rangers turbo.

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As if that weren’t enough, although he is well known for playing the green ranger and the white ranger, he also holds the record for being the most color-changing ranger in the history of the program, also acquiring the colors red and black.

6. Without any fault

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: Polygon

While David Frank is the most appearances ranger in the history of the power Rangersthere are also those who didn’t miss a single episode: Richard Steven Horvitz, who played Alpha 5 in Power Rangers: Zeo and Power Rangers: Turbois literally the only actor to appear in all 155 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

5. Several scenes were shot in New Zealand

Image: Reproduction / NickelodeonImage: Reproduction / NickelodeonSource: Fandom

It is quite common for films and series to have scenes recorded in different countries in order to explore new and different scenarios, and with power Rangers it was no different: New Zealand was the setting for the filming of some of the franchise’s programs, such as Power Rangers: Super Delta Patrol; Ultrafast Operation and dino charge.

4. Prejudice within the set

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: The Capybara gave birth

David Yost seemed to have a perfect life, quiet and full of love from fans for having played the blue ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However, the actor revealed in 2018 during a chat with Entertainment Weekly that his day to day on the set of recordings was not as pleasant as the public thought.

Although he tried to keep his sexuality as low-key as possible, Yost revealed that he was harassed by some teammates at the time of the series for being homosexual. “It’s hard when you have a certain amount of fame and you’re going through the personal struggle that I was going through as a gay man,” he declared. “In the 90s it was very difficult. And in Hollywood it was not well regarded.”

3. Ranger arrested on suspicion of fraud

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: Daily Mail

In addition to Ricardo Medina Jr., another actor from power Rangers he was arrested a long time after working on the franchise. Last year, Jason Lawrence Geiger, who played the Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangerswas indicted by federal prosecutors along with 18 defendants for participating in a scheme that defrauded a federal program created to help companies struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was arrested with the rest of the group shortly after the scheme was discovered, and convicted. Each of the accused could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

2. Yellow ranger didn’t wear a skirt

Image: Reproduction / SabanImage: Reproduction / SabanSource: Online Series

A very popular question among fans was why the pink ranger wore a skirt and the yellow ranger did not. Since much was taken from the Japanese version, this was also a factor that series producer Haim Saban decided not to change in the adaptation.

That’s because, originally, the yellow ranger was supposed to be a man, as in the Japanese version it was played by Takumi Hashimoto.

1. Brazilian Ranger

Image: Reproduction / NickelodeonImage: Reproduction / NickelodeonSource: TV News

Brazil was also present in power Rangers. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, actor Davi Santos played the golden ranger in dino charge and dino super charge. Furthermore, he reprized the role later in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Santos, however, was not the only one: the São Paulo native Glenn McMillan was the first Brazilian to appear in the franchise, playing Dustin Brooks in ninja storm. Finally, the carioca Chrystiane Lopes came to live the pink ranger in ninja steel.

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