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10 Netflix Original Christmas Movies to Watch

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Love it or hate it, but Christmas brings with it a flood of thematic content on TV, radio, streaming, city decor and everywhere else. AND Netflix is ​​by far the service most committed to offering original movies About the subject🇧🇷 So let’s go to tips on what to marathon in the next few days. Check out!

1. A Christmas Crush

In A Christmas Crush, Lindsey Lohan (yes, she’s back!) is a spoiled heiress who has it all, living in a complete social bubble.

A skiing accident, however, causes her to lose her memory and change her identity after being rescued by a charming widower. In this way, Lohan’s character explores what it’s like to have real feelings for people.


2. Christmas with You

Singer Angelina (Aimee Garcia, from Lucifer) feels that she is exhausted from her career and decides to go to a small town in New York, where she pays a surprise visit to a fan, played by Freddie Prinze Jr., himself, Fred from live-action Scooby-Doo. The two end up creating an intense and romantic connection.



3. Alright Next Christmas

There’s also a national film! Leandro Hassum is a father who hates Christmas because he was born on that date and his birthday was overshadowed by it. However, an accident happens at his house and he starts to live in a loop on December 24th, but without remembering what he had lived before.

4. Klaus


In the animation by Sergio Pablos, which also features dubbing by Rodrigo Santoro, a young student at the Postal Academy is on the verge of giving up his career, as people are no longer interested in sending letters.

As soon as he moves to a remote island in the Arctic Circle, however, the boy receives support from a teacher and a mysterious carpenter, who will teach him good lessons.

5. A Past Present

This is a fan favorite! In A Past Present, a medieval knight is transported to present times. After meeting Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), a teacher disillusioned with love, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) gets help to find a way back home, while the bond between the two grows stronger.

6. A Boy Called Christmas

Full of magic and adventure, this feature film shows the trajectory of Nikolas (Henry Lawful) in search of his father in a world dominated by magical beings, especially elves. It’s one of those movies that leave a warm feeling in your heart. A Boy Called Christmas is based on the book of the same name written by Matt Heig, in 2020.

7. A Very Murray Chrismas

Bill Murray and musical fans are in for a treat here. In this amusing musical, the artist has the recording of his television program interrupted because of a snow storm, which blocked the entire city. Fearing that his guests will not be able to attend the recording, Murray ends up having friends visit him at the hotel where the program is produced.

The cast involves big names such as Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Chris Rock, among others.

8. The Princess and the Pauper

Look at her again on the list. In this romantic comedy much loved by Netflix subscribers, Vanessa Hudgens gives life to two characters simultaneously, being a pastry chef and a duchess, who meet by chance and decide to switch roles. The film was so successful that it spawned two more sequels.

9. The Christmas Prince

Coincidentally, yet another film that involves monarchy and trilogy. In the first A Christmas Prince, the reporter played by Rose Mclver uses a side job to gain access to the quarters of a playboy prince, played by Ben Lamb.

After finding the love of her life, however, the reporter falls into a dilemma, evaluating whether or not it is worth keeping the cover to get her report.

10. A Christmas Invention

The feature is a musical full of magic starring Forest Whitaker. He plays a talented toymaker, whose main creation was stolen by his apprentice. Now, in the company of his granddaughter, it’s up to the duo to live a great adventure to retrieve the item and make the toy maker recover the grace of living. The feature film also features the special participation of Ricky Martin.

It’s a lot of options, isn’t it? Now just look for them on Netflix and press play while you wait for the turkey and rice with raisins to be ready!

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