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10 Iconic Movies Completing a Decade in 2023

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Seems like 2013 was yesterday, doesn’t it? However, a decade has passed and some of the best films complete a decade since their release. These titles became true cinema classics and, although they were released 10 years ago, they are still worth marathoning.

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With that in mind, we separate here the best titles for you to remember the year 2013. Shall we check it out?

10 – Frozen

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That’s right, Disney’s Frozen animation was released ten years ago! The film tells the story of Anna and Elsa, voiced respectively by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, and became one of the most successful animations of all time. By the way, the song “Let It Go” also became one of Disney’s classics.

9 – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)Source: Lionsgate

Considered by many to be the best film in the Hunger Games franchise: Catching Fire was a box office success when it was released at the end of 2012. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the feature brought the consequences of Katniss’ act of rebellion at the end of the Games and put the heroine back in the arena, where she had to remember who her real enemy was.

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8 – The Wolf of Wall Street

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While it wasn’t the movie that finally brought actor Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar, The Wolf of Wall Street was one of the biggest hits of the year. Director Martin Scorsese created a brilliant and controversial cinematographic work, portraying the real life of Jordan Belfort, a tycoon who lived a life full of sex and drugs.

7 – She

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The “romance” between a man and the artificial intelligence of his phone is also one of the films that complete a decade in 2023 and it is easy to understand why he was so successful. In the era of smartphones, the lines between the real and the virtual become increasingly tenuous and the feature film starring Joaquin Phoenix brings a deep reflection on the use of technology.

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6 – Gravity

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In Gravity, Sandra Bullock’s character is left adrift in space and must fight for her survival. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the film was a true sensory experience and made many moviegoers tense for 90 minutes, waiting for the outcome of the plot.

5 – 12 Years a Slave

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In turn, the film 12 Years a Slave was the big winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2014 and it is not for less. Released in 2013, the film features the biography of Solomon Northup, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, a free man from New York who is sold into slavery. The film is moving and portrays one of the most macabre periods in the history of the United States.

4 – The Suspects

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Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman, The Usual Suspects is a drama that accompanies a family father who needs to investigate the disappearance of his daughter and a friend. On a dangerous path, he has to deal with the most varied obstacles and the plot full of twists is one of the best films released in 2013.

3 – The Summoning of Evil

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In 2013, the movie The Conjuring was released and little did we know that not only would it be one of the best horror movies, it would also become a franchise. The terror is based on the real life of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal detectives, and has already spawned several spin-offs, such as Annabelle.

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2 – World War Z

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Those who like zombie movies will also probably be surprised to remember that World War Z was released 10 years ago! Starring Brad Pitt and based on the book of the same name by Max Brooks, the film follows a researcher in a race against time in his search for a cure for the virus that turns humans into zombies.

1 – The Man of Steel

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Finally, in the same year that DC announced that Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman, the first film that brought him to the DCEU in theaters completes 10 years since its release. In The Man of SteelCavill acts under the direction of Zack Snyder and delivers a surprising performance as Clark Kent as he discovers who he really is.

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