10 Comedy Movies on Netflix to Die Laughing

There are days when all we want is to lie on the couch, watch a comedy series or movie and have a lot of laughs.


If these are the plans for today, know that the Netflix brings a varied menu to its subscribers with works of comedy that will bring you a good few hours of fun. Check out 10 more than special choices to die of laughter!

1. The 40 year old Virgin (2005)


There’s no one who doesn’t love this movie starring Steve Carell, before he burst with The Office. Here, he brings Andy Stitzer to life, a 40 year old man who is still a virgin. He doesn’t mind that much – unlike his friends, who start pissing him off in order for him to “fix” the situation.

The comedy is directed by Judd Apatow and has other important actors in the cast, such as Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Jane Lynch.

two. Twins brothers (1988)


This film, directed by Ivan Reitman, gets a good laugh with an impossible plot.

In the story, Julius (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (Danny DeVito) discover that they are twins, separated at birth. With completely different personalities, they are now reunited and need to learn to live together.

3. The Whites (2004)


A true classic of Afternoon session. In this hilarious movie, two brothers who are FBI agents, Marcus and Kevin Copeland (played by Marlon and Shawn Wayans, brothers in real life), must escort two socialites in the upscale Hamptons region.

When the two discover the agency’s plan, they refuse to go. Now, the two agents, who are black, decide to transform themselves into a pair of blonde preppy girls.

4. Suddenly 30 (2004)

Another delicious movie that we get used to watching on those afternoons we miss school. It revolves around Jenna Rink, a teenager who is unhappy with her age. When she turns 13, her wish when blowing out the candle is to become an adult.

By a miracle of sorts, the wish comes true, and the next day, she wakes up in her 30s – but things are harder than she imagined. The cast includes actors Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.

5. Don’t Look Up (2021)

In 2021, Don’t Look Up it was a real sensation, as it seemed to dialogue with the situation faced by the whole world during the pandemic. In the plot, two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) discover that, in a few months, a meteor is expected to destroy planet Earth.

They manage to get the information to the president (Meryl Streep), but she and her son (Jonah Hill) seem unwilling to handle the information in a mature way. From there, various situations ensue that are as tragic as they are hilarious.

6. Ted (2012)

Teddirected by Seth MacFarlane, It’s a fantasy film full of dark humor. The story begins when the boy John asks Santa Claus to bring his teddy bear Ted to life. The request is granted and soon they become good friends.

John and Ted grow up together, but the bear becomes a derisive, grumpy individual who keeps sabotaging the human friend’s chances of getting along with his girlfriend. In the cast, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

7. The liar (1997)

Everyone knows that Jim Carrey is one of the great recent geniuses of comedy. In The liarhe uses all his humor techniques to bring Fletcher, a somewhat bad-natured lawyer, to life.

He loves his son Max, but he can’t help but lie to him. On his birthday, Max blows out the candles and makes a wish that his father will never lie again. The request is granted, which causes Fletcher’s life to begin to crumble.

8. Burning everything (1978)

In this classic, comedy duo Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin load marijuana inside a Volkswagen Beetle and end up arrested and deported to Mexico..

When they return to the United States, the crossing is made in a truck made entirely from grass. Now they go through a lot of trouble trying to get out of this situation.

9. How to Catch a Husband (1992)

A hilarious comedy featuring two legends of the genre: Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. In the film, architect Newton Davis proposes to his girlfriend, but is rejected.

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He is abandoned in the dream house he had built for them to live together. But everything changes when he meets Gwen, who turns his life upside down.

10. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2020)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a six-episode anthology directed by award-winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen. The stories are parodies of western movies and accompany gunslingers, miners, settlers and all sorts of characters typical of the Wild West.

It’s a perfect comedy of the absurd, the way only the Coen brothers can do it. What about?

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