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1 IV, 5 IV, 13

Android manufacturers are not in a hurry to publish the latest major version for their own devices this year either, but if I want to be honest: there are currently no fundamentally changing new features on the platform. The interface of the Galaxy S22s, for example, hardly changed with the installation of One UI 5, which moved from Android 12 to 13, of course every little thing under the hood is useful.

But we didn’t expect such a terse post from Sony either. “introducing Android 13 update with all the new features for Xperia 1 IV and 5 IV”, and that’s it: what this update covers, exactly where it will go and when, is no longer clear. At the same time, the almost chemically clean Android interface can be counted on Material You design for Google’s grating and new visual cues, deeper permission and notification management, per-app language or advances in security and digital well-being. So far, our readers have not reported the arrival of the installation package on the forums of the two devices.

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