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007: new James Bond has profile revealed by producer; Look!

Daniel Craig como James Bond

That movie franchise 007 it’s historic, it’s nothing new for anyone. But the curiosity that remains for her future is growing, even more so after producer Michael G. Wilson revealed that James Bond will not be played by a young actor.

As Wilson explained, during a British Film Institute panel commemorating the franchise’s 60th anniversary, “Bond is already a veteran. He already has some experience. high school you can bring in and start. That’s why it works for 30-somethings,” he said, via Deadline.

Daniel Craig as James BondSource: Sony Pictures

This statement by the producer puts an end to any speculation that points to a young actor to assume the legacy left by Daniel Craig, as happened with names like Tom Holland (Spider man) and Jacob Elordi (The Kiss Bar) previously.

The idea that the new 007 would be played by a younger actor came after producer Barbara Broccoli revealed that the artist who takes on the role will stay for up to 10 years in Bond’s shoes.

Of all the actors who have played the agent in theaters, the youngest was Australian George Lazenby, who was 29 years old when he played the character.

There is still no information on the premiere date or official title of the new feature in the historical franchise of the British spy service secret agent MI-6, created by writer Ian Fleming in 1953.

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